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Top 10 Things Newbie Artists Are Getting Wrong!

  1. Sharing unregistered and uncoded music on social media and music platforms.

  2. Failing to use split sheets before stepping into the studio with other writers, producers and composers.

  3. Downloading beats without fully understanding the limitations or negotiation options available to you.

  4. Sharing or presenting shyty, unprofessional music, music videos and/or promotional photographs.

  5. Having no understanding about music production as it pertains to expectations about the final mastered mix. This also has to do with selecting a reputable music producer for your project so your shyt sounds amazing even on crappy speakers.

  6. Overall not understanding the music business and the royalties you’re entitled too. Relying fully on streaming and distribution services will not guarantee that you’re not missing out on opportunities such as movie and tv features, just to name a few. Knowledge really is power.

  7. Being close minded to all the opportunities you qualify for in the entertainment business and understanding that there are other ways to gain access to the part of the industry you wish to connect to.

  8. Not being brave enough to admit that you either can’t sing or that you’re simply not the right artist for your own song. Maybe your personality, voice or appearance doesn’t have the marketability so sell records or influence fans but you’re just not willing to move over letting a more prepared artist fill that spot so you can be the award winning writer or producer you were meant to be.

  9. Not investing in your own artist development. This includes but is not limited to voice lessons, press kit (EPK), dance lessons, media training or meeting with an artist consultant that can coach and guide you on topics like music production and everything else I mentioned on this list.

  10. Not hiring Sallyb at 😁. That’s your biggest mistake everrrrr! All jokes aside tho…I offer classes and private artist consultations covering all of these topics. When you’re ready to become a more established music artist hit me up! Hit the chat button of this website or message me on social media. Let me upgrade ya! Yours in music 🎶

Voice Coach, Sallyb

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