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Home Studio Inspiration. Label Studios Out. Home Studios In!

Label Studios Out. Home Studios In. That's right. Call it what you want but who really needs the big ass traditional mixing boards they used at the big fancy recording studios in the 80's and 90's anymore? These days even Grammy winning music producers and songwriters got their sh*t set up just like the everyday "bedroom producer". I bet y'all got that desk with at least one laptop where you plug in ya lil Logic, Garage Band or music software of choice. You got it all set up in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, home office lol...probably made your workstation look neat and pretty with some fancy lights, your favorite instruments sitting around, lil leather coach for your visiting musicians, right?... Maybe you've invested in whatever mic, speaker and headsets you heard were the best of the season. All that studio gear put together, purchased over time is way more affordable than the big industrial size studios we see in all the old music bio pics like the #NewEdition or #WhitneyHouston movies. Side note: If this blog has #inspired you or if you were #featured in this #blog please help a sista out by sharing the link to this post with your music community. Just hit the #SHARE button. It's somewhere on here lol. Also just so you know, this website is Please scroll up and #subscribe to my site to receive my latest blog posts and announcements such as a call for #music and blog submissions. My IG is @SingingFlat, find me on Linkedin and Facebook under the name #SallybWaller and I'm on Clubhouse too @ClubSallyb. Thanks in advance for the follows, shares and/or comments. Now...where were we? lol

The home studio concept isn't really new, tho. Back in the late 80's when I was doing my thing, often unsigned music artists made their greatest hits out of a home studio. The producers I worked with had the big boards, etc but we were in their living room or basement for sure. We ain't have no laptops and shit like that. These days your entire studio can fit inside a backpack LOL. You can practically record an entire song on a laptop now. Where all my #oldheads at? Y'all please subscribe to this blog and help me tell um. Did anybody see the recently released #SaltnPepa movie? If you weren't at least a teen back in the 80's please watch that movie because the home studios featured in their bio pic was my reality back then too. I recall the vocal booth being the bathroom just like in their movie lol. Does anyone still do that today?

Okay so before I present the fabulous home studios that some of my friends shared with me or that I came across in my search, there's something I have to say. One thing I've learned as a vocal producer of my own work for the past 20 plus years is that you can have the cheapest or even free music production software and produce a track that sounds like it was engineered at a major recording studio OR you can have the top of the line most expensive mic, equipment and studio software with all the bells and whistles and your final mix will still sound like trash. The recipe to a good sound depends heavily on the producer. I'm about to show y'all some really cool studio pics and videos but it's up to you to reach out to each producer to inquire further. All that glitters isn't gold. Check out their music and let me know what you think. Don't just rely on all the pretty pictures in this post. In other words don't just take MY word for it.

If you're not knowledgable and experienced about audio mixing techniques involving such things as equalization, compression, panning, limiters, noise gating, faders, stereo, mono and surround sound..If you have not a single clue what any of that is then please don't mislead people by including the word producer in your professional title. Well let me take some of that last line back....Maybe you can call yourself a producer but your music is probably generic or not up to the music industry submission standards. Ain't nothing wrong with that depending on your purpose for creating the music. Do what you gotta do but call it what it is tho so that artists know what's really going on at your home studio. I'm not a music producer or a studio engineer but I can produce the hell out some vocals and I can do it on a Mac or on a freakin Iphone and still get a sound that's at least decent enough for the songwriting process. I can do enough to get by but let me show you who I'm calling when my shit is ready for that final mix..... Ready? Here they go....

I'll start with video snippets from producers that I thought were pretty amazing. This first one is by @Travllrmusic.

The 2nd one is from a guy that has a really awesome page on IG. Here he gives us a little tour of his home studio. Search him @BeautifulBeats99.

Next buddy David Sparks. We're connected on Facebook so search him there. OMG his music is amazing!

Hey check this one out y'all... I found him on IG @Joachim_Pastor. Oh how I'd love to wake up to this every morning while sipping my coffee. Looks super cozy too.

Now this last video...this one kinda reminds me of mine. It's nice and simple but it will get the job DONE! This one belongs to my Facebook buddy, Jaz Brannan. He's also got a Facebook page called, The Decadent Movement.

Next up I'm gonna share some photos of some recording studio eye candy lol. Ready? Here it go!

Well that's all for now! I hope you were all inspired. If you do decide to reach out to any of these producers, please put in a good word for Sallyb :) Yours in music!

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