March 2, 2021

A PASSIONATE FIVE Video must be 3 to 5 minutes long, use good lighting, speak clearly and be very passionate in your delivery. The following script must be included on the introduction: "Hello. I'm (your name) reporting from and this is my Passionate Five. (PAUSE for 2 seconds and then say "Elder Abuse" After that intro you can begin telling your story. Feel free to plug yourself at the end. We can only accept a limited number of impactful vlog submissions. We reserve the right to edit or deny submissions as we see fit. Your Vlog may be featured in our Elderly Abuse Blog. Here are links to guide your inspiration....

February 23, 2021

PRODUCERS & SONGWRITERS - Let's share a little HOME studio inspiration. Don't be shy. Send us one or two photos OR a short 30 second video clip (not both) of your home studio. Include a link for our readers to experience a sample of the original music you created in your home studio as well as your social media handle (mine is @SingingFlat (IG) incase readers want to send you questions like, "Where did you find that mic?". If you'd like to list some of the equipment that's featured in your photo or video, that's cool. Please keep it REALLY short tho. We can only present a limited number of submissions at a time each quarter. Your submission may become a part of our blog. Yours in music!


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