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Spotify? SoundCloud? Youtube? Where Can I Find Your Music Dammit!?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

A freelance, independent musician, actor or band without an EPK or website in 2021 is wiggity WACK! You need a mobile friendly EPK website right NOW! What's the hold up? Is it cost? No time? You don't know how to make one? No phone? No computer? Or maybe you already have a website but it's not mobile friendly (it needs to be mobile friendly because these days most of your site visits will be from a cell phone. I bet you're using one right now to read this blog lol) Or maybe you already have an EPK but it looks a hot mess with the words all jumbled up on top of photos, etc because you don't have a creative bone in your entire body for website design that fits your brand. Perhaps you're in need of a fresh new look to kick off the season and present new music. Or maybe....just maybe you don't even realize that you need one or you don't understand why you do. Am I close? Well I'm here to tell you every performing artist should have one. ALL of ya'll! Well not all of ya'll actually...Just the ones that are seriously pursuing a successful, Grammy award winning career in the music and entertainment business and are in need of a marketable new look for your brand that grabs the attention of the people you need to reach. I can help you with that. My business supports independent artists on a budget but your EPK won't look like you're on a budget at all. It doesn't take that long for me to whip an EPK together that fits your brand and makes you appear that you have VocalzMusic and your management team representing you. So without further ado, I will now present the 8 Benefits Of Allowing VocalzMusic & Publishing (my company) to design, brand, publish and host your EPK Artist Site at, as we're doing for Gold Rice, who is featured in the photo here. You can leave your comments or questions below or contact me for a free consultation to discuss your vision. As of September 5th 2019, I still have time for 4 more EPK projects before October 1st so hurry!


1. Our price is adjusted to accommodate the budget of a new, independent or “come back” artist.

2. You’ll have your own domain like a pro, yet VMP Talent members won’t have to pay the hosting fee that is charged by Wix and that usually costs $250 to $300 or more per year. Why? Because we already paid it 😉. There’s also no ridiculous annual fees. I’m really here to FOR-REAL. There’s absolutely nothing shady about this opportunity. I’m so proud to say that💕 You pay a small fee for updates as needed, additional elements or apps for your page as needed each month and you contribute to our group efforts to get you exposure. (I’ll also assist you with your domain) That’s it!

3. Those with an EPK are featured on the front page of our site and shared across social media for my well connected, great quality, often legendary followers to see, LIKE and retweet. My followers include people I love and admire like, Missy Elliot, Ne-Yo, Anthony Hamilton, Al B. Sure, Chaka Khan, Mya and a long list of other Grammy nominated and Grammy winning pop/soul/r&b music artists, actors and writers. While most of y’all focus on having the most followers, I focus on having the BEST followers in hopes of giving my VMPTalent members exposure. If they’re in my reach, they’re in YOUR reach too 😉.

4. Members will unite to afford advertising and have the option of participating in our free social media group campaigns.

5. VMPTalent will only accommodate a limited number of artists that have an EPK with us so that you stand out in your category or talent genre. Again, we’re about quality and not quantity.

6. Once your EPK is done, you’ll have a one stop shop for people to have easy access to. No more going here to hear your music and going there to see your Instagram...ain’t nobody got time for all that. Not everyone can be reached on FB or IG. With an EPK talent buyers, fans and industry leaders will have ONE link to everything no matter which social media platform the use...that’s like having one key to open ALL doors leading to your best work and social media accounts. Ever have to go through a set of keys to open the door? Annoying, right? Let’s not annoy those that can elevate us to our purpose.

7. Any artist can JOIN but only exceptional talent will be among the first that site visitors will notice.

8. I only accept 2 EPK projects per week so that I can give you a personalized touch for your brand. I’ll have you looking like the Star you are. To Sample My Latest Artist EPK Work

I’m pretty sure I left a few benefits out. But that’s cool. I like to surprise folks 😁.

This is for artists of all professional levels that are on a tight budget and can benefit from more support.

Inbox me with questions about JOINING our Fall 2019 Roster., The Site Where Artists Unite!

Yours in music 🎶

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