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DeBarge: The Fame Years

To the world DeBarge was R&B music royalty but today the group's lone female member and sibling, known professionally as Bunny DeBarge, will sing a different tune. This is an inspiring story, delivered in a three part series: 

Part One: "DeBarge, The Beginning Years"

Part Two: "DeBarge, The Fame Years"

Part Three: Not Yet Released

In this second book of the Bunny DeBarge trilogy, 'The Kept Ones: The Fame Years" Bunny presents captivating revelations detailing her family's rise to the top of R&B music royalty and how they each came tumbling down, one DeBarge member at a time.


And so the story begins in 1979 with Bunny and her two young children preparing to leave the bitter cold of their small hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan to follow the lead of her already famous brothers, Bobby and Tommy DeBarge in the sunshine, glitz and glam of fabulous Hollywood, where they'd already established success and notoriety as members of the R&B group, "Switch". An exciting time indeed for an emerging young star experiencing her first taste of stardom! As you turn the pages, one chapter at a time, Bunny's definitive story of what began as a glamorous life, takes a dark and turbulent turn.


This is the inspiring story of a beautiful, extremely gifted and hopeful musical family and how they navigated through the best and the toughest of times, with many of their hardships playing out in the public eye. Readers will be astonished with the way in which Bunny DeBarge so eloquently delivers her testimony about her life as she saw it. Read on to see how Bunny untangles the importance of forgiveness, the value of self-awareness and the importance of recognizing that GOD's hand was on her life. DeBarge was always and will forever be The Kept Ones

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Etterlene "Bunny'' DeBarge is best known as the lone female sibling of Motown's legendary R&B family music sensation, DeBarge. The eldest of the ten DeBarge children, Bunny's unique high and soulful soprano vocal style and love of writing began at a tender young age and ultimately lead to her world debut as a songwriter  for the famous R&b band, Switch, which starred her bother's Bobby & Tommy DeBarge. Later, she became writer, lead vocalist and co-producer behind the classic R&B ballad, A Dream, from her own group's 1983 breakout, certified GOLD album, In A Special Way. Produced by her brother El DeBarge, the album also included hits Bunny co-wrote like, Time Will Reveal, I Like It and Stay With Me. Her famed song, A Dream was covered by various exemplary artists like Tupac Shakur, Blackstreet and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few. To date music artists and fans continue to use her songs in samples and in social media tributes. For a full listing of songs written by Bunny DeBarge and to review her EPK/press kit, featuring her FULL  LENGTH BIO, tap HERE


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