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Let's Talk Music Vol 2

Let’s Talk Music...Volume Two

There is a beautiful new prototype in the record industry! You no longer have to sign with any record or production companies/labels to get your music heard. It is really a wonderful thing! Unless you are getting an advance on (good faith) because you must pay it back, getting the lion's share of the contract deal, your publishing (or a fair publishing advance), own your trademark brand, and sometimes your masters, it is not in your favor to sign.

Regarding publishing and masters..keep in mind that one hundred percent of something is nothing if your catalog is not being worked. Sometimes fifty percent of something is worth it. If you must use your publishing as leverage to negotiate visibility In the marketplace, why not?

For artists, the main goal is to keep the momentum going with your music, with no expectation, remain current, and put music out to maintain an ongoing, perpetual revenue stream. No matter what the amount received. You never know when a movie or tv commercial producer may hear and use your music. But they can't listen to it if it is not in the system.

My good friend Joey Arbegy (A&R at Epic) told me, "It ain't a record until it's on streaming services."

If you are a known act, old school, and have name value, the odds are in your favor. Put your money into promotion, a street team, and social media to get your product out for people to listen and love. Please don't depend on friends on Facebook and Instagram (looky-loos, not buyers); go outside the box. I recently read an article by my fave Meg thee Stallion regarding a bad deal that she signed. Until recently, she was putting her own music out by using my upcoming example...Cd baby.

Lastly, remember this is a business, not personal; therefore, detach yourself from the emotions of a new song not achieving success and put out another one. It will happen if meant to be; otherwise, enjoy the ride and redefine success. Success means being happy doing something you love. It doesn't necessarily equate to $ all the time.

Follow this example and be your own record company...

Create a logo, a DBA, fantastic artwork (2500 x3000 pixels in size so it will pop on streaming sites.) Your record should have a good mix and mastering. I like, An online distribution company. They are connected to all the streaming outlets and deliver a quality project. Then connect with their CD baby pro account to collect your royalties worldwide from streaming outlets, including YouTube. If you opt-in, they will negotiate royalties for film and television opportunities. They also do monthly accounting and send your royalties directly to you. Bam! Now you are a record label!

Until next time, Bernadette

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Sally B. Waller
Sally B. Waller
16 нояб. 2021 г.

This blog is very informative and current with today’s music industry standards. Thanks for postin!

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