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Too Young For Love?

You hear it all the time , "You're too young for love" or "What do you know about love? You're a teenager"... Many people look down upon young couples because they believe that they are too young to really know what love is. Here's how WE feel about it. We feel that young love is definitely possible. Love isn't based off of how old you are. It's based off of how you feel about each other. Feelings don't come with age so why can't teenagers be in love ? Of course there are certain boundaries set by parents that you have to follow and we feel that as long as you respect those rules you'll be fine. You may not have everything that adults have, but the feelings are there. Some might argue that you aren't matured enough to even know what love is like

or that you haven't experienced enough in your life to be truly in love. Most adults look at young relationships as insignificant. Age is but a number and feelings don't just come with age. A young couple is just as capable of being in love as any other couple old or young. How do you feel about young love?

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