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Secret Lovers, Yeah..That's What They Are

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Praying for my son Kyle Ahn. I'm so excited I can't contain myself!! He's living proof of everything I teach. He's been so patient, has worked so hard, has taken the time to further develop his talents as a Music Artist, Producer & Composer and has learned from others...these are all things many young singers, composers and artists don't take the time to do but because Kyle has done so, things are finally taking off. Everybody wants to be FAMOUS but some of you are getting your confirmation and validation about your music and singing abilities from the wrong people, spending money on the wrong things or putting the cart before the horse because you're afraid to trust in God and his timing, you feel pressed for time because you're older than the average new music artist or because you have too much pride and are too full of yourself to be open minded to the ideas of others who can actually help you. No need to get salty if an experienced person with good motives kindly tells you that your music is crappy or that you sing flat as a pancake and in the same breath attempts to help you correct it and points you in the right direction. Many of you will never see the success you were wishing for because you let your stupid PRIDE and lack of faith in others get in the way. There are NOT a lot of people out there you can trust (partly because of their lack of experience and lack of real industry connections) but you CAN trust me so lets start with that Lol...Many have already figured out that I'm honest about what I hear and confident in what I can do because I actually care about the success of others who are really trying to make it. If I don't know how to help you I'll attempt to find somebody who can. Just remember that everybody has a motive for wanting to help you but as long as it's a good one, it's okay if their motive will boost the careers of BOTH of you in the process. There is nothing shady or wrong with that so if that's what's holding you back from allowing others to help you I suggest you rethink that. Ultimately my success is your success as it should be. Also remember that just because you CAN do something well doesn't mean it's a great idea and it doesn't mean it will put you at the top of the music charts. Open your mind and you'll begin to realize your true purpose.

Like my son once thought his true purpose was to sing but he opened his mind, took several chances, tried many things, he failed every now and then but he learned from his mistakes and THEN he realized he could do so much more! Composing music for other established music artists, or for film and TV should never be overlooked. I always say publishing is the gift that keeps on giving! My son is on the right track! If you want to be in the music and entertainment biz please open your mind to other ways to get in the door. If you're STUCK in a place that you refuse to move away from, you stubborn singer you! Lol.. you'll never advance. Like refusing to try a new approach such as a name change, moving to a different city, firing your production team, trying a different marketing or branding approach or trying a different style of music and/or production or even trying an entire new music industry job all together!...I been preaching this for YEARS! More on that in an upcoming blog...But anyway...God is giving my son Kyle his undivided attention right now. A very special THANKS to the very successful musical geniuses who realized his potential recently and who are helping him get connected with top selling artists. I won't mention your famous names cuz I know you like to fly low under the radar.... you HIT MAKERS YOUuuu LoL. Thanks for looking out for my son the right way (unlike some of yall knuckle heads out there!). Take care of each other tho. I actually believe Kyle Ahn is among the top ten composers/producers in the US...Only nobody knows it YET except me...his mommy!

Yes God kissed his talent at a very early age... and those who are fortunate enough to sign with him will be thankful that they made that choice and everybody involved from the fans to the production team, will be BLESSED in ways you can't even imagine right now. Those who didn't have faith in him before will have regrets, I'm afraid. Don't wait till somebody blows up to suddenly show your support. I see this happening all the time. Long lost deadbeat daddys and so called friends who never gave a crap, who had nothing but discouraging things to say until the day that "untalented kid" who didn't listen to what everybody else was listening to on the radio, who didn't want to play football but instead wanted to sit in his room all day creating music, became a major success...then suddenly you'd be like "yo check out my boy, yo check out my best friend" Awwww cut the crap! LOL....Some of yall call um haters but I call some of them "Secret Lovers" because while they don't LIKE your status or show their support publicly they'll secretly read every single thing you've ever posted (like some of yall reading this blog who will refuse to comment or LIKE it)... yeah those are the ones who will be blasting your music when nobody is around, watching your every move just so they can show up and get some credit for knowing you before you were famous Lol. know the type, don't you? Support them NOW and through THICK and THIN. Just remember what I'm saying today. I called it here first! You'll soon see the future as I see I've always seen it since February 25, 1992 when he belted out his first cry in perfect pitch. I'm telling you RIGHT NOW while he's still a struggling artist working in a restaurant in Maryland during the week and producing music out of his home studio at his mom's house in Stafford, Virginia on the weekends. I'm looking forward to walking the RED CARPET someday with my boy! I just lost eight more pounds so it's gonna happen. I'm gonna wear that sexy little black dress. I been planning this for years and it's already in the atmosphere! I want everybody to have THIS kind of faith in someone you know who is passionate about something. Say it out LOUD! I don't see it enough. Help them. Show support. Believe in them. Let the world know! If they're that good I'll share them here at my website and encourage support but don't send me no CRAP tho LOL...Yours in music! -sb #BlogSQUAD #ProudVoiceCoach #ProudMAMA #SecretLovers #RealTalk #Vocalz #VocalzMusic #Sallyb #KyleAhn

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