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Increase Your Chances Of Her Falling In Love With You

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Those of us who have experienced heartbreak may have learned that falling in love can be one of the most emotionally charged feelings we will ever experience. But what happens when a woman is no longer in love with her man? How can a man increase his chances of winning her heart in the first place? Is there some magic trick, or super pill that helps her fall head-over-hills? No – absolutely not.

Keep in mind that when a woman is no longer in love with her partner, it’s usually because of a number of reasons that could’ve possibly led up to her feeling that way. And when a man begins to court in a new relationship, he often wonders what it will take to win her over. If his desire is to increase his chances of winning her heart, these are a few general tips to follow. Some tweaking may be required of course.

1) First Impressions & Manners – Most women want to know that chivalry is not dead; it’s alive and kicking.

The way you approach a woman could possibly make or break your chances of getting her engaged in a simple conversation. Her first impression of you really does make a difference, and could possibly come down to the way you introduced yourself. Showing her that you have manners leads her to believe that you are respectful and polite. Manners play an important role in your relationship at any stage. Most women are impressed with a man who can be on time for dates, open doors, pullout her chair while waiting until she’s seated, and having simple good table manners. She’s paying attention even if she doesn’t realize it herself. And you should pay attention too as well.

2) Gestures

Remembering how you treated her in the dating phase of the relationship is crucial. The excitement and newness of falling love with her gave you a mental high, which created a sense of urgency to impress and please her. Many of your thoughtful actions back then led to her falling in love with you in the first place. There were times when you reached out to hold her hand while taking walks, or when you’d stay home from work just to curl up on the sofa and watch movies together. Even the amount of time and effort you use to put into finding the perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day card meant a great deal to her. And as you watched her face light up – you knew you blessed her heart.

3) Compliments Matter

If you’ve been together for a while odds are you already know how much a simple compliment means. She spends time, money and puts a lot of effort into looking her best for you on date night. When you take a moment to tell her how awesome she looks I assure you it pleases her immensely.

Never take for granted the power of a compliment. She could be giving the dog a bath, planting flowers in the garden, or helping you clean out the garage – it makes a difference when you care enough to make her feel beautiful and appreciated.

4) Carefully Listening to Her

Sometimes she just needs to vent. It’s a coping mechanism to be able to vent without you always trying to fix the issue. While it’s great that you want to be her knight in shining armor, it would serve her best to simply allow her to get things off her chest.

It also lets her know that you are focused and that she has your undivided attention; that’s attractive to any woman.

5) Voice mail Messages

Whether you’ve been dating for three months or if it’s your 15th wedding anniversary, leaving voicemail messages letting her know how much you miss her today will make her smile. Sometimes she may need to hear how much you enjoy being in her presence, and that you can’t wait to see her again. You won’t regret building momentum for an awesome evening together.

6) Soft Music

The music you listen to when you are with her is teaching her more than you realize. Most women pay close attention to the lyric of especially songs you purposely repeat.

7) Just Because Gifts

There is nothing wrong and everything right about a “just because” gift. Whether it’s flowers home or having them delivered at work – you are letting her know that she’s on your mind.

8) Ask for Her Advice

It’s important to ask for her advice. It lets her know that you trust and value her opinion. She wants to feel as if you have no problem being open with her because she’s trusted and appreciated.

9) Goof Off with Her

You may not know it, but each time the two of you laugh at something funny, or even something corny there’s an awesome connection. Getting caught in the pouring rain and having an impromptu “flash dance” session together proves that you can still have crazy fun with each other. The more laughter the better!

10) Time Apart

Respect your time apart. Of course you are each other’s priority, but let’s face it – most of us need some time apart. You may want to go to the gym a few times per week and she may go jogging or have a hobby she focuses on. Don’t take it personal – just show her how much you’ve missed her when she returns. She’ll love knowing she was on your mind.

11) Learn Your Woman

There are certain times when she just isn’t going to necessarily desire your sexual advances. First of all women need more time to get motivated especially after a long day home with the kids, a stressful day at work, or both. While you may be motivated instantly by the thought or sight of her – she was not created that way. When you know your woman you are able to discern whether or not to make sexual advances. If you really want to show her express love – try having dinner ready and helping with homework before she gets home. Welcome her home in a way that shows her without a doubt that she is your first priority. One of the most romantic gifts you could ever give her is the sacrifice of sex. When she knows you want it, yet you put her need for rest and relaxation first – she gains a higher respect for you.

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