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The Filthy 3 Letter Word You Can No Longer Live Without

Updated: Jul 6

"If The Sex In Your Relationship Is An Issue You Are Not Alone. Reed It Up!"

Believe it or not - there are many men who consider what they may or may not be doing that's affecting the frequency of sex in the marriage/relationship. It's good to know that more husbands realize that complaining about not getting enough sex is pointless, and even unfair if they themselves are neglecting the romance that their wives crave from time to time. The beauty of a healthy, hot & steamy, sexual relationship between a couple should be enjoyed by both partners. Just as a wife should want to please her husband sexually - the husband should want to please his wife romantically. Sex is an important part of marriage, but some husbands seem to willingly, or unwillingly forget that romance is important too. I thank GOD for the husbands who not only understand, but strive to satisfy their wives desire for romance. Romance creates a deeper sense of intimacy between the couple - thus enhances the joy of sex. These hubby's have learned that some type of romantic mental stimulation is a gift to the relationship because it draws their wifey's closer to them emotionally, and SEXUALLY.

"Women Love Sex Too!"

Let's face it - women love sex too! Let's also face that most women are at some point going to desire a little more than just a quick 1, 2, 3 shot if there's been little-to-no romance in a while. Let me put men on notice! Many women also love spontaneous sex, and yes - wives love quickies too! Wives crave adventurous, spicy sexual encounters with their husbands, but especially when they know their husbands care about how they feel, and what they desire. When wives are confident in knowing that their husbands have their best interest at heart in the romance department - they want to satisfy their husbands even MORE. My God! Wives love turning up the heat for husbands who demonstrate how much they want to please them romantically.

"Guess What Turns Women Off?"

Sometimes all it takes is a simple unexpected flower on the seat of her car. It doesn't have to take a bunch of money for husbands to show their wives some romance. If a man is unsure of what she wants - he could always just ASK HER! Just keep in mind that she may feel as if it defeats the purpose of him doing something that comes from his heart. Not every woman wants to teach their man how to romance her. It can actually be a huge turn off. Soooo MEN - Think about the things you did for her when you were dating. Remind her of why and how she fell in love with you in the first place. What types of dates did you go on? How did you treat her? Com'mon mannnnn! There are things you did & said to stimulate her mind and emotions back then right? Heck! GOOGLE it! There are a gazillion books and articles out there just waiting for you to read! There is no excuse for not being able to find inexpensive, quick & easy romantic tips! Make the effort! When men make the effort - women notice, and that in itself is romantic.

"I Guarantee You This Will Get Husbands More Sex..."Remember - this is a woman who vowed to spend the rest of her life with you, create a family, support your goals, dreams and love you. She wants to make you happy & she really does want to have loving, passionate, wild, crazy, kinky sex with you! She just wants to know that you care just as much about her need for a little romance, and that you are HAPPY to be the one to give it to her. The frequency of sex is not always because of your partners neglect - it very well could've started with you. The next time you feel like complaining about the frequency of SEX - think about the frequency of ROMANCE. There is a huge chance you could easily solve the problem before you say or do things that will push your wifey even further away mentally, emotionally and sexually. It takes a man of character to do the self-examination first. Your wife is worth it, you're worth it, and your marriage is worth it. That is all. Be Well, The Relationship Motivator - Kimmie Reed

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