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How I Became A Voice Coach

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Voice Coach, Sally b.

Have you ever thought about offering voice lessons? I started off as a music artist and songwriter back in the late 80's. I spent my early years working with local music producers, publishers and band musicians on studio recording projects. I actually have more than an album worth of original material produced. It's just sitting around collecting dust waiting for the right young artist to come along and remake it lol. I performed in several popular top 40 jazz and R&b bands in the DC area until the early 2000's. I came real close to landing a record deal as a pop music artist but my fate of working behind the scenes to help others as a voice coach was sealed long before I ever realized it. That use to disappoint me but now I know it was my purpose and it's something I'm so passionate about today.

God showed me a number of clues along the way that led me to start a music business. He placed people in my path that taught me to sing, produce and write songs. I learned how to perform all the functions of a professional music artist and then just when things seemed to be taking off he took it all away.

Music Artist, Sally b. During The 90's

Eventually I developed a depression and anxiety disorder that got so bad that I walked off stage back in 2003 and never looked back. I became stage fright. Imagine that. Me stage fright after years of live entertaining. I'm much better now but you'll rarely see me perform live these days. Seemed so ridiculous at the time to be a singing coach that wasn't able to sing but now I see that the spotlight was not intended for me. It was meant for those I helped. Next God placed me in professional Executive occupations such as Director and Community Development jobs where I learned to operate a business, be a community leader, operate and manage youth programs and million dollar budgets and government contracts and I supervised twenty or more staff at a time. As an award winning Director and influential community leader I was given the authority to create and develop new programs for the youth who participated. I'd produce and direct plays, teach music lessons and host public music themed events which brought in plenty of money and popularity for the companies and organizations I worked for. Again all a part of God's plan. As fate would have it I lost my day job back in 2011, which forced me into conducting music business full time. I was able to use what I'd learned working for others to develop my own business operation plan. We purchased a house in Stafford, Virginia where we added a studio/office for me to meet with and coach clients. I've grown my business from there and it's been a great experience. I also teach lessons online. I'm very happy and I love helping budding artists and those who are preparing for auditions and performances. See how that all worked out?

Kyle Ahn AKA "Vocalz"

A mother of three, all my children were taught to sing and perform but my oldest child, my son Kyle Ahn, took it to a whole other level. He became a local child star under the stage name of "Vocalz" at age eleven, appearing on tv, in the papers and he was even published in Washingtonian Magazine two years in a row. He was known as the "God Bless America Kid". His audience often included famous politicians and entertainers including Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole, Mark Warner and my idol, music producer, Quincy Jones, just to name a few. My son was my first real client. Every technique I teach today was tested out on him first. I managed him and from his music performances we were able to raise enough money to pay for him to take college courses after he graduated high school. Today he's a music producer and a great example of what I can do for others. Every once an awhile he comes over and teaches me a thing or two about music and audio production. He's a professional music instructor just like his mommy! He goes by the name "LollyPack". In 2004 I married my husband Rodney, AKA "SuperMan" and with his support I launched my small music business, VocalzMusic & Publishing, naming it after my son's childhood stage name. Everything I teach is based from my own real life experiences as a singer, artist and talent manager and I developed my own teaching methods as well. You won't find what I do in anybody's book except my own once I get around to writing it lol. Only way you'll get it right now is by either hiring me or knowing how to read my mind. Hire me at

Over the years since 2004 more services were added. Today I work with Miss America Pageant contestants, budding music artists, singers and actors. I'm more of a talent coach these days. I blog, I build EPK (electronic press kits) for clients, I produce podcasts where I've interviewed celebrity guests, I produce song covers, original songs and voice overs for voice artists. Recently I signed a management contract with a young budding artist I'm developing, named Marcelina Abenes....but you know what I've realized? I realized I can't expand my services without adding more music teachers and voice coaches. I can only handle a limited number of weekly clients by myself so this year I'm seeking talented singers from all over the U.S. starting with the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. If you are a talented singer, music teacher or voice coach with music business experience and like me you realize that your past has led you to believe you were meant to teach others how to do what you love, please email me today at: . I'll be offering workshops to those who are interested in setting up a music business and working with me under the VocalzMusic umbrella to carry out voice and talent coaching.

"God left me clues like tiny bread crumbs leading me to my destiny. If you pay attention you may just stumble upon your true passion" - Sally b.

Well the story of how I got to where I am today is long and even more interesting than what I've written here but I didn't want this to be book. Just a blog lol. Yours in music! - sb

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