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Do U Mind Being Ignored?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Consider This...

I love my husband, friends and family and I know they love me too BUT I'd be lying if I said, "I don't mind being ignored." I do mind. Fact is if your mind is anywhere else when we're suppose to be spending time together or having an important conversation then we're not actually spending time together and whatever it is that I believe to be important means nothing to you. That's what you are saying without saying it.

Ever be "spending time" with someone and the entire time they are texting someone else? Replying to or posting a comment on Facebook? Sharing a snapchat? Doing online shopping? Playing around with an app? Or bout they are actually engaged in a verbal conversation with someone else?! Right in your face! To them it's not a big deal. It's never a big deal til you do it back to them because no one likes being ignored.

Do Not Disturb

The other day, bless his heart, I had a client whose phone kept going off during our private vocal session. I'd be in the middle of a sentence and he's answering incoming calls and replying to texts. So I was forced to wait as the clock ticked. Vocal sessions only last an hour. He was distracted, I was distracted and it was really a waste of time...not to mention ANNOYING. Later I basically told him not to let that happen again. The session that followed a week later was super productive because we were both engaged and focused. I didn't see his cell phone not even once that day 😊.

I Got Some Tough Love For Ya...

To those of you who can't put down your cell phone and live in the moment with the person you're with I say this: You're being rude, selfish, disrespectful and inconsiderate and I promise you that if that person is gone (DEAD, out of your life) tomorrow you are going to wish you could have that time back. Just ask anyone who has ever lost a loved one. Get your priorities straight. Handle all your affairs before or after your face to face quality time with the person you claim to love.

So What Should You Do?

If that call, text or upload is THAT important then respectively excuse yourself and return when you are ready to devote 100%. That's the respectful thing to do. That's the professional thing to do. That's the loving thing to do. Do it.

Stay Devoted. Love The One You're With.

I challenge everyone reading this to show your love by NOT using your phone during QUALITY time with a loved one, during a date with someone you're trying to get to know or during important professional meetings. It's not cute. it's not worth it. Allow at LEAST one (1) solid hour of your time together on any given day to be devoted to the one you are with. LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH. Can you do that? Seriously...can you? Feel free to share your comment or story below. Send this message to those who need to see it. Yours in music💕 - Sally b.

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