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Event Researcher

As an event researcher, your main responsibility is to gather information about upcoming events and conferences in the United States that are seeking established or celebrity entertainers to perform music, public motivational speaking or to simply make a guest appearance. You will need to conduct thorough research using various sources, such as google, online databases, industry publications, music and entertainment platforms and social media platforms. You'd be expected to reach out to the event organizer via phone and/or email to verify that they they are hiring talent, to gather their event details (date, time, purpose...), inquire about their budget and to see if they'd be interested in hiring VocalzMusic's available talent. You'd provide them with information about the artist that our agency provides to you. You DO NOT negotiate or attempt to negotiate deals. You only refer opportunities that you've carefully screened, to the AGENT of the artist. 


Your findings will be used to create a comprehensive list of events that our company can potentially close deals on. Additionally, you may be required to provide insights and recommendations on which events are most relevant and valuable for our company to participate in.

You'll also be required to be knowledgable about the artists we represent. 


High School Graduate, Some college preferred. Must possess the ability to prepare professional emails and reports, great grammar, punctuation and spelling abilities, excellent customer service skills, must present self as a professional, mature representative of a prestigious, established music agency that's very knowledgable of their work, our agency and the artist we we represent. This is EXTREMELY important. Must be polite, friendly and keep great notes and records (such as names and details of everyone you speak with).


Training is provided. Questions encouraged. Resume and certifications a plus. Must be 18 years or older and able to pass a background investigation. Must have gmail/google account, ability to meet via Zoom and phone. Minimum booking requirement for entry level starters is one to 2 bookings per month the first month.

How To Apply

Email us about how your education, experience and outstanding research skills can help us close deals that get us all paid. Express your understanding of the role. Please keep it short. Selected candidates will be invited to be interviewed via zoom or phone. Please include best days and times (weekends included) over the next 8 to 48 hours that you are available for a 15 to 20 minute interview. Email to

If Selected

If selected you'll receive a contract in which you must acknowledge and accept the terms to. You'll be asked for a copy of your government ID, payment information and a headshot (recent professional photo of yourself) which will be used on our website to introduce you as a member of our team. We have the right to terminate the contract at any time and for any reason we see fit.

Compensation | Benefits

Candidates are independent, self employed contractors and not an employee of VMP. You are providing a service to VMP. You'll only be paid a commission (finder fee) for leads that lead to a closed, paid deal. 

This Is a flexible & remote
entry level contract position.

Contractor is paid 2 to 5% commission for every deal closed by VMP agent depending on experience. 

Example 1: 
If artist/client is paid $20,000, then researcher gets $600 - $1000 for that deal. 

Example 2:
If artist/client gets paid $5000, then researcher gets $150 - $250 for that deal.

Example 3:
If artist/client gets paid 50,000, then researcher gets $1500 - 2500 for that deal.

(These examples are based off 3 to 5%)

Researchers are listed as team members on the VMP website. After five (5) successfully closed deals $5000 and up, a reference or review will be made available upon request. 

Tip: Learn about our star client, Bunny DeBarge at


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