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Are Online Group Voice Lessons Worth It? Exploring the Top Benefits

Before exploring the benefits of voice lessons online, let me first begin by defining some of the key voice lesson terms I'll use in this blog:

Voice Lessons & Training: These sessions teach a singer or a group of singers everything they need to know from breathing to pitch and eventually how to perform for an audience. If you do this privately it could take 3 to 6 months to complete this training depending on the session schedule, the singer's ability to stay focused, their ability to commit to the process and not skip sessions and perhaps most importantly, their ability to follow the vocal instructions of their voice coach each week.

Voice Coaching: These sessions are approached in one of two ways depending on the singer. Either it's an experienced singer or recording artist that needs help with just a few things rather than full training. They're likely a great singer. They may need a clearer sound for the recording studio, pitch training, breathing, range expansion, showmanship coaching, confidence building or something specific like that. They may just buy a package as needed to prepare for something career related or they may just want to hire me to do vocal aerobics each week.

The other is a singer that maybe could use full vocal training, however they have a talent show coming up and they need help with song selection and voice coaching of that selected song FAST. It's really just a quick fix to get through their upcoming performance. In this case I must attempt to bring out the best in that singer. We'd avoid songs with melodies or ranges they'd need more training for such as songs with hard gospel runs or we'd need to rearrange the song to fit the singer's current singing abilities and then "sweep their dirt under the rug" just so they can get by. I'm willing to help in that way be I highly recommend that they find time to get the full vocal training package if they intend to pursue professional singing or to participate in talent shows and auditions all the time because if they learn to sing ONE song, they are gonna be sh*t out of luck if they're asked for a second song LOL. Hey. Don't blame the coach. In both cases, I meet the singer where they already are. During a consultation I can determine where to begin and prepare an agenda based from that.

Private Lessons: One on one. Just you and your voice coach.

Semi Private Lessons: Small group classes of 2 to 8 that allow more time for personalized instruction than in a larger group. Everyone follows the same curriculum.

Classes/Courses: Usually 10 or more depending on the class agenda. Everyone follows the same curriculum.

Virtual/Online/E-Learning: Classes or private sessions offered from your computer. Very convenient and the coach can reach a world wide audience.

Consultation: This is by far the BEST option to begin with for uncertain singers. I don't know about other coaches but I use consults to evaluate a singer's talent and to build a relationship with them. It's a two way interview lasting about 30 to 60 minutes, give or take, where we can learn about each other and it's also a vocal evaluation that concludes with my professional feedback and recommendation about their talent. It helps me to determine if the singer needs lessons from A-Z or just a little coaching and guidance. From there, if they choose to move forward, I can prepare an agenda based off my findings and we set up our session schedule. A consult may also be used just to have the voice coach experience. For this reason I offer individual consults OR if a client purchases a session package their consult will be included and will take place during the first session. I'll also be adding a group consult option soon. More on that later.

VocalzMusic offers a variety of vocal training options for online and in person lessons but today we're going to focus on the benefits of online voice lessons and coaching. We'll cover more about private coaching in an upcoming blog, however I do want to point out that the greatest benefit to private lessons is the personalized approach, which is why private lessons typically cost more. As stated earlier, it's more suitable for singers that need help with specific songs for upcoming performances or studio session dates. Often artist managers will send me their artists for talent artist development purposes. They order vocal coaching packages that are specific to their individual needs. And last but not least, here is that list of benefits to taking GROUP VOICE LESSONS:

  1. I'll start with the PRICE. Group lessons are less expensive than private lessons. Though you'll usually need to pay in full before the classes begin, you're ultimately paying less and gaining much more time with the coach and therefore much more experience as well as a wider range of experience without the inconvenience of fighting traffic to travel to meet your coach. That's a huge win!

2. Most of my courses are set up to teach singers how to compete with their classmates in preparation for the cut throat music entertainment industry. A little friendly competition never hurts. Self discipline will be learned. Students don't simply move on to the next course level until they've earned it and therefore they are learning how to overcome a "NO". No worries though. I'll have a plan to help them catch up but they must learn that reality. That's the one mistake I made with my son. More on that in another blog. I should mention that not all my classes have this requirement so please read the details before purchasing.

3. Group voice lessons can help you in ways that private lessons can't. For example in group lessons singers can harmonize with other singers. You may say "but there is a delay when you sing online". Yes there is a delay but I still have my ways to make it happen. I gotta work harder but it's an important part of voice training because in my sessions I also use harmonizing to teach focus and pitch training. Here is a Before And After performance from one of my group voice lessons. You'll notice during the final results (the second half of this video), the singers were all trained to harmonize with the other voices in the semi private group.

4. If you intend to sing in front of an audience, OH most definitely group lessons are the way to go! Your classmates become your audience and your talent judges all rolled up in one. So you too will have a chance to evaluate the talent of your classmates which helps you to understand what talent buyers expect. You'll be better prepared because you'll be more confident when it's time for your real performance and this is a huge advantage. You'll learn it from both sides as I've explained in the video below but before I conclude with that video I wanted to say WOW. This was a short list, huh? LOL. I mean the convenience of online lessons speaks for itself so long as you join from a computer (not your phone), you have a strong internet connection, space to sit and stand when I need you to perform, the ability to tap links and play the music I ask you to play, good lighting and access to whichever video conferencing or audio-only app we'll use. Usually it'll be gmail or Zoom. I need to also add that group sessions can mixed with private sessions. If able do both.

Don't forget to checkout my God Bless America Course for kids and to sign up before the deadline. The link provided explains everything you need to know. More online classes will be available soon for all ages. Please subscribe to this blog, if you haven't already so you can receive our latest blog. We have a blog for every voice! Yours in music!

Which of The Following Is Your Deal Breaker When Selecting Voice Lessons?

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  • 0%The Convenience Of Online Learning

  • 0%The Personalization Of Private Lessons

  • 0%The Voice Coach's Experience And Reputation

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