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"What's New with Your Voice Coach: Latest Updates and Tips for Vocal Improvement"

Let's get reacquainted before I present tips for vocal improvement. Many are unaware that for several years now, I've hosted a daily unofficial podcast called "Burning Fat While We Chat" I call it an unofficial podcast because it's not currently streaming. It's hosted on a public under-rated platform called "Stereo" and enjoyed by a small, cozy but growing group of regular listeners. Since late last year, my co-host has been a friend I met back in 2020 who goes by the name "Goodyzzz" and we go live about 4 days per week, currently on Tuesday through Thursday mornings at 7AM ET and Friday evenings at 11PM ET. The premise of my podcast is health and wellness but with a twist. Though I'm looking into expanding our audience, this podcast wasn't initially intended to be broadcasted to the masses. It's meant to be an intimate conversation between a Gen-X and a Millennial while exercising to lose weight. We're doing it because we're literally on a weight loss journey and the idea of exercising while we chat has been working so we're doing it for our own wellbeing and we're allowing the public to ease drop on our conversations and they can even chime in if they'd like.

I want to warn anyone who plans to see clips of our daily talks that you're definitely not getting the Voice Coach version of me on this podcast lol. Nope. It ain't that youth program professional you met during your consultation for your kids. Well maybe a little. You're getting the ridiculous, fun loving, confident, unfiltered, naughty, mature, comedic version of me. I'm a WHOLE personality outside the classroom lol. But then again, many of you already know my personality. Lots of funny shenanigans, personal opinions that you may or may not like, dare I say dirty jokes, and from time to time serious, controversial or educational topics are presented. Even then, there's a chance that it all goes to hell before the end of the show because it seems that our regulars enjoy seeing us "cut up" with the sillies so expect that and know that it's NOT for kids and some of our conversations will BLOW YOUR MIND. With all that said it's designed to be our response to the sadness and depression that got us here. For one to two hours per show we laugh, cry and we respectfully are not concerned with the things that stress us or that block our blessings. You'll be shaking your heads at us for saying the things that most only think, but you'll know that we love and respect our people, our listeners and our supporters. You'll feel the love for sure. That's important to us. We talk about whatever is on our minds but somehow it's entertaining to others. The coolest thing about it is we actually learn something each time we host an episode and even on days when we hardly have an audience, those are some of the best moments. Another thing that is unique about this podcast is that we document our episodes by the day instead of by the episode as away to stay on track with our workouts. For example we just finished S3 (season 3), Day 65 on Friday, April 26th. Clips were recently posted on a new instagram account called Burning Fat While We Chat. You'll also find a clip I shared here at the end of this blog post if you continue reading. The clip I decided to share within this blog post is of me explaining why I believe group voice lessons are more beneficial and less expensive than private one on one lessons. In an upcoming blog post I'll present a list of reasons that will help singers decide which option is best for them. We'll be adding more classes here soon.

This podcast gives you the "after covid" version of myself. Many have no idea what I've been through leading up to 2020 or how those things have changed me forever. I've been on somewhat of a hiatus for several years now and I believe the cause for that will make for some great content here at SingingFlat. Sometimes you gotta sit still and wait for the right moment. This is that. This is the right moment. I have so much to tell you. Not just about the things that have happened to me but also the wisdom I've gained from experiences I had many years ago. Also about artist management. Something I said I'd never do again but that was before Bunny DeBarge came along and now I'm offering booking services to all artists. Life is full of surprises! (More on that soon). Some of my professional and personal experiences will play out on my podcast but most of it will be available to my blog subscribers right here in blog form and while I won't use today's blog post to share all that has happened (it's way to much for one blog post) I can at least drop a list of topics to clue you in on what is yet to come in my future publications. Expect more blogs about:

How I overcame life's hardships and moved pass my toughest moments.

My personal and true scam stories with tips on how to protect yourself.

My worst employment experiences ever.

Artist management and singing tips.

Group Lessons and Classes vs Private Lessons.

Online Lessons vs In Person Lessons.

My weight loss journey.

Love and relationships.

How I'm reinventing myself today.

Web design and copywriting tips.

How to find a good therapist.

Self care for performing artists.

What I learned in therapy.

Updates about services and clients like Bunny DeBarge.

How to have a side hustle to support your music career.

And much more. I'll also invite guest bloggers from time to time.

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Part of the reason why I speak in first person and so honestly on podcasts and blogs these days is because I have no parents, not much family left and the way the world is I'm not for certain if I'll see my grandkids in my lifetime and I need to leave a legacy behind so they can experience my personality and know me as I truly am. I regret not knowing more about the family that I've lost. I don't want anybody telling my story except me but by all means please SHARE any blog posts you find here that will inspire or enlighten you or someone you know. If anything happens to me, please make sure my kids read my blogs!

My blogs here are intended to serve the WHOLE artist and not just the artist that's on stage or in the spotlight. When we peek behind the curtains of a struggling artist we'll see that we are merely just humans that happen to work in the entertainment industry and therefore this blog is for everyone but with emphasis on the artists. Shoutout to Bunny DeBarge, Tamir Ruffin, Faith Evans, Shanice, Kurtis Blow and my co-host Goodyzzz for giving me a personalized peek behind the curtain so I can feel normal yet extraordinary and hopefully someday I can also be legendary (wink wink). Also shoutout to my superman "that billing guy" Rodney.

For those clients I've worked with, you already know my personality. Laughter is how I've always made you or your children comfortable so that I can get the BEST out of them! Thanks for choosing me. It's always been an honor and it feels good to be back!

My professional tips for the vocal improvement of singers and music artists is to take care of yourself emotionally. Check in with yourself daily. Seriously. Ask yourself how you feel today. I highly encourage parents to also teach this to your kids now so they can learn to cope later. I ask myself each morning when I wake up and each night before I close my eyes. If something is bothering me, I meditate and pray on a solution. Then I sing in the shower. Some will think this is crazy but I learned from a healthcare professional that a cold shower works best. I tried it. Didn't like it at first lol. But I gave it chance and wow! Let someone know if you're not okay. I've also found that breathing exercises, singing exercises, laughing, positive thinking and meditation has really helped with my stress, focus and anxiety. Write those things down so they're handy. Often when we're overwhelmed and there's nobody to remind us to do these things, having it noted on your phone will help. I've learned to distance myself from negative vibes and negative thinkers. Keep in mind that a person having a bad day or a bad moment is not the same as a person that constantly speaks the negativity that can penetrate your peacefulness. Taking care of your mental health and well being will actually help you sing better and therefore feel better then guess what? You'll feel better. Did you know that singing daily can help to keep your voice in shape? Sing any song that brings you joy! You know what else helps? Being kind to yourself and others. That's all I got for today. Let me know if any of this helped.

The music business isn't for everyone but singing is! For that reason I'm also developing online programs for those that want to sing for pure joy rather than for career purposes. I'd like to reach assisted living homes, youth programs and more because I believe there is healing power in singing. Do you? Stay tuned! Thanks in advance for subscribing. Yours in music!

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