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10 Things I've Learn About Pisces

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

1. Well let's ex-husband and his mother (my former mother in-law) were both pisces and then our first born son, Kyle is also a Pisces. On top of that, my former mom in-law's birthday was 2/24, my son's is 2/25 and my ex-husband's was 2/26. Back to back just like that. Now fast-forward about 9 years later when I met my current husband, Rodney. It was after I'd finally been released from what I thought was the worst marriage known to man and back then I'd say to myself never, never, never will I date another pisces...Ever!!!

In comes Mr. Right. Perfectly imperfect. He swept me off my feet, co-fathered our three children and helped me raise them into awesome and respectable young adults and we lived happily every after for over 20 years and counting. That's the God's truth. But you should also know that on or about our second or third date, which was probably about a week or so into our relationship, we were having flirty small talk at Denny's in Alexandria, Va late one night and that's when I realized his zodiac sign wasn't going to be a deal breaker after all. He told me he was a pisces. After I nearly choked on my coffee, he went on to tell me that his daughter, who was about 6 at the time, was also a pisces and that her birthday was the day after his on March 17th. Well I'll be damned! So I guess the first thing I learned about pisces is that I know ALL about pisces lol. At least the ones in my life.

First, What's A Pisces?

Before I share the remaining 9 things I learned about pisces, and I'll just try and briefly list them in a second, but first let me provide some general info about pisces. If you're into this sorta thing you probably already know that Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. You probably also know it's a water sign and that it's typically characterized by empathy and emotion. Pisces indeed are compassionate, faithful, caring and generous. That's what the internet says and that's pretty accurate in my personal experience as well, however, the way these characteristics are presented to the loved ones of a pisces can be extremely different from pisces to pisces. Here's what I learned (2-9).

The Rest of What I Learned

2. As for how the above characteristics pertained to my ex-husband, he was all those things and everybody that loved him can vouch for it...even me... but I later realized that at least 90% of what others were seeing on the surface was ingenuine and deceptive. So was he really compassionate, faithful and generous? Well it sure felt that way on the receiving end. There's no doubt he was a charmer but only those closest to him know that it was all a character flaw. Today I recognize his behavior as Narcissistic. So I guess the second thing I learned was that all the characteristics describing pisces on the internet or psychic websites, etc, are not a "one size fits all" and we must take each of those characteristics with a grain of salt. It's the only way it makes sense to me now because my current husband is a pisces yet he's shown no signs of deception. You pretty much see what you get with him.

3. It's been said that Pisces are very secretive. This could mean two things. Either they can keep a juicy secret you've shared with them and/or they will take personal deep, dark secrets about themselves to their grave. In my experience, my current husband is pretty good about keeping secrets that are shared with him. The fact that I've traveled to Hawaii, Vegas, Aruba and other places and didn't know until like the day of or the day before that I was even going anywhere and the fact that he's purchased rather large items for me and hid them in plain view like RIGHT THERE...I mean I walked right by it daily and had no clue lol...that, says a lot about how well he keeps a secret...I think it may also mean he's a good liar too tho DAMN! lol...On the other hand, my ex-husband couldn't wait to spill all the tea. I think he found pleasure in being the first one to tell it. That dude loved to gossip lol. But personal secrets about himself were handled differently. In fact I’m pretty sure he took a few secrets to his grave. In the meantime Rodney here has actually already revealed to me his deepest secrets but only after I pulled a few teeth first lol. His secrets weren’t even secrets, really. I can't imagine what other secrets he could possibly have unless one of them comes knocking on the door one day talkin about, "daddy?" lol

4. Pisces have a hard time expressing their emotions and I'll add that they're usually terrible communicators. If you are in a relationship with one this will surely drive you CRAZY. This is the case with ALL the pisces in my life.

5. The internet says that no one can truly understand what goes on in a Pisces mind, it’s too complex for even them to understand. Well I agree wholeheartedly!

6. All the Pisces in my life are super sensitive but it seems to me that those born in March don't show it or express it as loud as those born in February. Like my son, born 2/25, he will never admit it but he totally gets in his feelings when we criticize his work ethic or his body of work as a songwriter and music producer and he will argue his point, wrong or not, until I get annoyed and hang up the phone (us Libra's can be stubborn at times). Everyone in our family knows it lol. Deep inside he knows it too LOL... His father, born 2/26 was exactly the same except he'd actually cry crocodile tears and tell you how much you hurt his feelings...I'm talking super DUPER sensitive. When I get mad I have a pretty sharp tongue and I can argue all day. I know this. I'm not proud of it. But it's my best weapon against an annoying pisces.

7. If a pisces ever truly cared for you, they aways will no-matter how the relationship ends. They are very faithful in that way. ALL of them are. For example, all over social media my ex has claimed I'm a bitch, a bad mom, I'm after his money, I'm fat, I'm this, I'm that... but let somebody else say any of that and there's gonna be consequences and repercussions lol. He'd defend my honor, no doubt. We've been separated for over 21 years but still he listed me of all people, as the person to contact when he died. The good news for us is that they only reserve this honor for a limited number of loved ones. Sure their charm will make others feel like they're the apple of their eye but the reality is everybody can't fill those shoes in the mind of a pisces. You'll know if you're the apple of someone's eye and that you're not just being charmed into believing it or not. For example, I thought my ex hated my guts but fact is, overtime he's proven through his actions and his words that I was the only woman he truly loved which is weird and flattering at the same time lol.

8. "Pisces constantly evolve and don’t fear change." That's a freakin LIE. All of it. LIES!

9. "Pisces have a great ability to encourage others but are super hard on themselves." Now that's true.

Last One. I Promise!

10. Okay I got one more. I know I said 9 but geeeesh. I could actually share another 10 or 20 lol...So this last one seems to be true for all the pisces in my life. They are all comforting to talk to and if you catch them in the right moment, they also make good listeners...yes the men too lol. They make great friends but don't take their kindness as weakness cuz once you mess up they can be so cold that you may think they hate you.

Now I'd love to hear about YOUR experience loving a Pisces. Do tell :)

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