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18 Things I Believed As A Child

Sally b.

1. If I dig too deep in the dirt the Devil will crawl out.

Looney Toons

2. The people on TV actually live inside the TV and if I break the glass they’ll fall out..Matter fact If only I wouldn’t get in trouble, I could break into TV Land and play with my favorite cartoons or have them crawl out and play with me. The idea of having the Looney Toons over to play at my house excited me! I was often tempted to bust the TV open...even plotting about it in my head... but I never could get up the nerve. Oh well.

3. I thought God was actually George Burns. The actor that played GOD in a series of movies in the 70's?...yeah...just an old friendly, funny white man living a regular life on earth. He's the guy I thought I was praying to at dinner time. When grown ups would say, "God is watching you" I usually imagined George Burns shaking his head at me with a cigar in his mouth.

4. There’s little people living inside the traffic lights changing it to red, green and yellow. I actually had my own kids believing that one too lol.

5. I thought the burned cornflakes in my cereal were actually nasty boogers because my brother David would come sit beside me at the breakfast table and he'd pretend to flick boogers in my cereal bowl and then laugh as I whined "stoooooop!". That's why I hated Cornflakes and thought my brother was an ass hole.

6. I thought putting a long towel around my neck and pretending it was a super hero cape gave me super powers! Sometimes I'd dress up like Wonder Woman and spin around, jumping off furniture...And for added powers "I'd eat all me spinach to become strong to the finish like Popeye the sailer man! toot toot!" I credited the spinach for all the times I'd beat my cousins up.

7. I was told Santa Claus will put pepper in my eyes if he shows up while I’m still awake. Now that I'm an adult I'm wondering who came up with that twisted idea? That scared the hell out of me! lol

8. The clothes hanging on the door or thrown in the chair turned into the boogie man at night when the lights were out. I was so scared of the dark when I was a kid! I was always crying for someone to come sleep with me.

9. I lived in Virginia. My Aunt Cordelia lived in DC. I thought I could just walk on over to her house.

10. I thought my daddy was magic. He’d do magic tricks all the time...making things disappear, card tricks, rubber-band tricks and I really believed he was "the chosen one". I was so amazed. Today I'm an adult and I still believe he's "the chosen one".

11. I thought if I held on tight to the back of my mom’s shirt or bra strap while we napped together, that she couldn’t get away. I’d be so mad at myself when I woke up and she was gone! How did I let that happen?

Sally b. With Parents

12. I thought my ears had super powers because they stuck out and I could wiggle them. My daddy's ears stuck out too so since he was "the chosen one" I assumed I had inherited his powers.

13. I thought money really grew on trees. I thought all it took was a few seeds, sunshine and water. Today I'm wishing it were that easy. I'd have me a nice little forest out back.

14. The Easter Bunny was real. He was like 6ft tall and he’d hop over to my house and deliver goodies every Easter. Sounds really bizarre now that I think about it.

15. I thought that my Cousin John, who helped to raise me when my mom was away in the hospital, could read. Then later on in life I found out he couldn't even read a Dr. Seuss book but he could count tho! He’d make me write like 500 times when I’d get in trouble, “I will not lie. I will do as I’m told. I will do my homework and stay out of trouble or next time I will get the switch”. Then when I was done he’d pretend to read over it and check for mistakes. Took me hours to write all that in the 2nd grade. If I’d only known back then that he couldn’t read I would’ve wrote “I will not lie” and left it at that!

16. I thought boys were so lucky cuz they could stand up and pee. I just couldn’t understand why it didn’t work when I tried it.

17. I thought if I swallowed a watermelon seed that the watermelon would grow in my stomach. My brother Mark's girlfriend told me that when I was a kid so I use to think that's where babies came from. Whenever I'd see a pregnant woman I just knew she'd swallowed some seeds! As a 6 year old I tried very hard not to get pregnant. I made sure to pick those seeds out!

18. As a child it seemed to always snow on Christmas. When I thought of Christmas I thought of snow. That rarely happens these days.

Now that I’m an adult this all sounds ridiculous but I absolutely believed all this when I was a child growing up in the 70’s 😂. I think it’s why I’m so creative as an adult. Feel free to share about the things you believed as a child in the comment area. I'd love to compare stories lol...Thanks for letting me share my twisted memories with you. I'm dedicating this blog to my parents, James L. Booker and the late Carole A. Booker and to my brothers Mark Veney and the late William "David" Veney. I can finally eat my Cornflakes in peace! lol

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