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Singing Flat??

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TRUTH: Those who can't control their pitch can't control their focus. They’re easily distracted. People like that shouldn't attempt to walk a tightrope. No one sings in perfect pitch all the time but I’m referring to those who miss just about every note. It’s as if they're guessing. If you're a great singer and you want to put your pitch and focus to the test, then attempt to harmonize with a pitchy singer. Yeah...stand right next to them in the choir. They’ll have you questioning your own ability to sing and focus. If you can harmonize then chances are you have decent pitch. Pitch begins in the mind not the mouth so please think about that note before you turn it loose on our innocent ears. Singing flat? I can help you with that! 😉 Yours in music -sb #ProudVoiceCoach #Sallyb |

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