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Playing Hard To Keep💕

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Together over twenty years, he proposed to me on Valentines Day and I’m confident that we will be together til death. I hope we grow old together. I’m absolutely positive there’s no other man on earth that is more perfect for me. I’m still in disbelief that after all we’ve been through, we’re still here, still in love and still laughing. Stepping out on each other was never an option we just always knew it’s us against the world and together we’re unstoppable. So here’s what I got for ya...

Well when we first meet a man we may play hard to get, right? Thats when you do sh*t like not call him right away or let him call you first. Act like you’re busy on Tuesday but you may be able to squeeze him in on Friday 😜. And you gotta look absolutely delicious when he sees you so he knows you got options...yeah sh*t like that lol. I may need some of y’all singles to help me present some “hard to get” moves for a future blog. I been off the market so long and my playa card expired lol.

Now I’m the queen of playing hard to keep tho lol. I wanna keep this blog short and plus Rodney might see this and find out I been playing games so I can only share a few right quick. Shhhh...

Start a petty argument once a month. I’ll go sleep in the guest room until he begs me to come back. Of course I try to stay mad as long as I can because the making up part is so much better after the waiting game lol. You’ll be floating on air til you find something petty to fight about next month. Make sure you plan it. Put it on the calendar each month 📆. I been doing that for 20 years y’al!

Okay one more...During football season when he disappears in the mancave for months, sometimes I get lonely. So to remind him that I’m “hard to keep” I wait til he comes to bed, I turn away and ignore him and then I go to YouTube and play, “I Wanna Know” by Joe ( ) That’ll give him something to think about 😜.

Now here’s a few other things that have worked in my marriage. My 1st marriage was so horrible. There was so much disrespect. When I married Rodney I decided that I would never call him out his name or treat him the way I was treated. I love loving him. It’s my favorite thing to do!

1. Feed the ego with compliments. No-matter how long y’all been together always remind him of how awesome he is, how much you love his “package“, how good he smells or how strong and brave he is. Let him know that in your eyes nobody does it better and by “it” I mean what ever “it” is that he’s doing at that moment or that he’s done EVER that impressed you. Be sincere and genuine so he knows you mean it every single time you say it. Be sporadic when it comes to the timing of all of this. Saying and doing the same thing at the same date and time all the time gets stale. Don’t be so predictable. One reason feeding the ego often is important is because it balances out the times when y’all pluck each other’s nerves, truth be told.

2. The word LOVE is over used. You don’t need to say it every moment of every day but you do need to find a way to show it as often as you can throughout the day. In other words find other ways to communicate your love to him so that when you actually say it it feels special. We‘ve gone a few days without actually saying it but it never feels that way and then for him to hear it on a Monday and then again on Wednesday or Thursday it really stands out. Only exception is when they’re headed out on a trip or long drive or to do something potentially dangerous...God forbid he’s in an accident you want love to be the last thing he felt. I hate to think about that.

3. Pray for him and let him know about the prayer you said for him sometimes...not all the time but every once and awhile so he knows your love for him is divine. Something about knowing someone prayed for you or is rooting for your success feels amazing.

4. People on social media that have never met my husband know he’s an amazing man. I post about him and my kids pretty often. Sometimes they ask me, “how’s Mr. Rodney?” or if they see me cuttin up they’ll say, “Rodney’s gonna get you! 😂”. I like that they see us as a solid unit and as a relatable family they can laugh with. We enjoy being your extended family. Now I’m known for posting funny videos and stuff. My public interactions are carefully planned with plenty of consideration and respect for the part of my personal life I choose to keep quiet about. I don’t expect everyone to share the kinda stuff I share but at the very least, mention something great about your man from time to time even if it’s just to let him know how proud you are.

So those are some of the things that come to mind at the moment. I’m kinda sleepy now. Later I may update this post as I think of more things to include. Now scroll up to that YouTube link and listen to Joe 😂. Yours in music! 🎶

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