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Dear Lyrical Writers

DEAR LYRICAL WRITERS who download beats. Please remove the TAG before you start promoting it all over social media and SoundCloud as if it’s 100% yours. You do not own that music. Leaving a tag in a song is like leaving a tag on a shirt. It’s not a good look, is it? Take the steps to at least buy the lic. and be sure you actually READ your lic. before you get yourself into trouble....and please know that just because you buy the lic does NOT mean you OWN the song. You’re renting the song. You will NEVER, EVER ever own that beat. If you want to own a song you must first create original music and original lyrics. Not just a bunch of samples. I said ORIGINAL. If you did just HALF of that then you may be able to own just HALF the song. The part you created. Gain the respect and dignity you deserve as a singer/songwriter by doing it right the first time. -sb | #Copyright #Blogsquad #ISaidWhatISaid lol

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