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Be Brave Enough To Lose Business

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Often something I post on social media ends up right here at our #BlogSquad page. I've cut and pasted a screen shot of my recent post right from my personal Facebook page (I've pasted it below). I don't usually do it this way but eeeeeh...I didn't feel like doing it the other way this time Lol....

On Behalf Of My Fellow Business Owners

I wanted to publish this as a blog because I'm tired of people assuming that just because they know me that they're entitled to a hook up. Frankly I think it's rude to assume that. I know a lot of people who want voice lessons or a studio coach but if I gave everybody a hook up how will my bills get paid? Yeah... who is going to hook ME up? Lol. I have a lot of respect for my fellow small business owners. I'd never expect a hook up because I feel like if you want to hook me up then you'll offer it. That's what I do cuz I'm full of surprises! That's not something we just forget to do and it doesn't mean we like you any less if we don't offer that. It usually just means that for business reasons we can't offer you a lessor rate at this time. Truth is if I could afford to do this for free I'd do it in a heart beat!

Then there are the ones who I KNOW have checked out my website. They are well aware of my rates yet they STILL inbox me talking about "how much do you charge?" Lol...As if I'm going to tell them something different. I spent a lot of time preparing information to present to those who visit my website to inquire so if you ask me that then most likely I'm simply going to politely send you a link to read. Then if you have more questions after that you can hit me up and ask me something you don't already know the answer to. Yeah I'm pretty blunt when it comes to stuff like this. Anybody that knows me knows I mean well tho. I remember as a child asking my mom how to spell this and that or what does that mean and you know what she'd say? LOOK IT UP. She was the most intelligent woman I knew. She knew the answer but she wanted me to learn the way she learned. I do the same with my kids and my clients as well. I was born to educate in my own little brutally honest way lol.

Letting You In On A Little Secret That Might Earn You A Win!

So what SHOULD you do instead of assuming I'll give you a discount? Okay make note of this....If you are a customer you should simply ask. Just say... "I checked out your rates and am wondering if you have any special offers currently available such as a military, student or government discount?" Or you can ask if I offer any loyalty Incentives. If you are a business, in my case a music business, you'd suggest a partnership such as a cross promotion partnership where we both win in the end. See when you ask about, offer or suggest something that benefits us both, like many of my fellow business owners, I'm going to at least consider your suggestion and my view of you would be kind, considerate and thoughtful as well as business savvy.

Lets Be Accountable

In closing I'll say this to my fellow business owners: If your service is worth robbing Peter to pay Paul for then you're gonna have that dream client without lowering your price. It's not my job to help a client figure out HOW to budget their money so that they can afford me; but it is my job to ensure that the service I provide meets and exceeds their expectations.

"Being brave enough to lose business is how I ended up being valuable enough to GROW business. Your success is my success." - Sb

Here's a helpful link I came across for my fellow business owners. CLICK THIS

Your comments are welcomed below. Thanks for reading. Yours in music! - sb

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