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The Love You Deserve

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

What is your definition of true love? Well for me true love begins with loving yourself. Once you are able to love yourself, then that is the first step in being able to love someone else.

So are you in love with yourself? I’m not talking about being conceited because that's not attractive. No...I'm talking about confidence. Confidence is very sexy. What I mean you want a better life? Are you ready to stop settling for less? Do you believe you are worthy of being treated with love and respect? To love yourself is to go after what you really want, need, desire and deserve. It takes a confident person who walks in faith to do that. Are you there yet?

When you meet and begin to fall for that special someone, you want to be able to satisfy their needs and desires just as much as you would like your own needs and desires met.

You’ll need to be able to see their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. You want to be able to

tell that special someone how you feel and to share your thoughts at any given moment without hesitation or worrying about resentment or repercussions. You want to be held and made to feel secure that your mate will always be there...always. The moment you and your mate begin to feel a sense of love, trust and devotion for each other; you'll need to work together to grow and nurture what you have and let no one come between you. You'll need to be attentive to their physical needs as well as their emotional needs. You'll need to show them how you need to be loved.

Ladies how many of you would love to have that special person in your life run you a

hot bubble bath with those scented candles, soft music playing and a little of your favorite wine; and when you're finished with your bath, he’s waiting by the door to escort you to the bed with yet another special treat. He spreads a warm towel for you; as he lays you on the bed with your body still wet, you can smell the massage oil getting hot; and now he’s ever so gently running his hands from the top of your spine to the small of your back, pausing every step of the way to firmly rub you where you need it most, lightly sweeping his fingertips up and down your arms....

As his hands move closer and closer to your lower waist, nothing in the world seems to matter now. You breath a silent sigh and he knows that you are enjoying his every touch and loving every movement. Your body begins to can’t wait to see what spot he's going to touch next. Your mind, body and soul is in anticipation....Then he ……(to be continued)

"I say it's the love you deserve" - ROW

Please leave us a comment below if you'd like to hear the audio version of this blog and Rodney O. will create that for you if there is enough interest. Thanks for reading.)

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