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Keep Your Eyes On Kyle Ahn

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

He's a multitalented urban pop singer & rap artist from Alexandria, Virginia who composes and produces his own music. He has recently gained the interest of prominent PR agencies who have launched the careers of the most famous people in music history. An extremely versatile composer, Kyle Ahn has the ability to create and produce many genres of music including country, hip hop, r&b, gospel and pop. Even in listening to the two songs featured in this blog (Off My Leash & Are You Lost) you can clearly see his ability to go from one extreme to the next. This is a very rare talent. I've seen him take the crappy, dated music of other musicians and transform it into a spectacular radio, Dj or club mix. He's extremely business savvy and knowledgable of current music industry trends including about the best and most popular music streaming platforms to sign with. To hear him talk about music business is like listening to someone who has been in the business for 30 years. At only 24 years old he's somewhat of a musical genius. Unlike many, he made a conscious decision to put off releasing his work to audiences larger than his smaller circle of friends and music affiliates until he mastered the art of producing music. Given the right situation this undiscovered music artist who has been flying quietly under the radar for quite some time now has the potential of gaining international success and becoming the next BIG name in music. To today's top selling music artists: He's the guy you want on your writing team.

(Parental Advisory: The Following Music Contains Explicit Lyrics)

Unfortunately the success of a truly gifted and talented music artist like Kyle Ahn is at the mercy of those who are already holding the keys. Those who relied on social media alone are not the ones you see on the red carpet at the Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, VMAs or at the top of the charts....Everybody with a REAL following (wink, wink) on social media got to that point because somebody else with a large REAL following of fans and industry connections SHARED or RETWEETED the post of an unknown artist until eventually their music landed in the right hands. You can have a zillion followers and yes it looks impressive BUT it just takes ONE to get you to that deal that launches your success. To prove my theory I want you to keep your eyes on KYLE AHN as I pass him around to my industry contacts and I expect those who have already achieved such success to pay it FORWARD. You'll be BLESSED & APPRECIATED for that! We find um. You sign um. - Sally b.

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