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EPK Demo (3 Videos)

Designs By Sallyb

Designs By Sallyb

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Voice-Over Demos


Design Inspiration

Google the websites of artists that do what you do and send us the link at We'll use it as an idea to refer to but we won't copy. We want your brand to be uniquely yours. 

Price Quotes

During your consultation we'll be able to determine which of the following options suit you the best. Please note: Corporate Rates May Differ. More samples

Flow Page/Linktree $150+
Features a personalized branded design by Sallyb with all your social media, music streaming links
and any other links you'd like to 


Abbreviated Content $150+
is a landing page that features just 1 to 3 elements. Perfect for promoting a project, an event or announcement.

Medium Length Press Kit Site $350+

Full Length Press Kit Site 550+
Fully Loaded. Has everything a musician or actor must have all on one page with an 
option to add an additional page. 


Thirty Second Voice0ver $75+

FAQ About Hosting
Please note that you do not have to
host with us in order to cross promote
with us. Contact us to learn more or to 
advertise on our front cover.

We use Wix. If we must use a different platform we'll charge a $75 additional fee to learn your platform.

We only host the EPKs of artists we have limited management contracts with or that pay our monthly membership fee of $50  per month. You'd be responsible for your annual domain fees. Space is limited for site hosting. 

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