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There Are Three Types Of Singers

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

No client gets the same lesson from me because they all have different levels of knowledge and experience when they walk in my office. Additionally they all have different reasons for wanting voice lessons and so my approach to each client is very different. There are typically three types of singers who come to me for lessons:

TYPE #1: Singers who have no clue. These are the ones who may be pitchy or in other ways their singing voice is out of control. Usually they already know this. They'll warn me on day one that they can't carry a tune. They will require voice training from A-Z, followed by Coaching and then finally Performance Prep if a singing opportunity arises. I predict about 3 to 4 months of vocal training before transitioning to coaching. More or less depending on how quickly a singer catches on and rehearses between sessions. Most children will begin at this level as well. I accept children age 5 and up but I have a different rate and a different set of rules for children age 5 to 10 years old. I can explain that during the first time consultation.

TYPE #2: Singers who CAN carry a tune but that's about it. They have potential but they don't know how to sprinkle sugar on what they already have. They're like a plain vanilla ice cream cone and once they've learned what they can actually do with their voice they earn sprinkles, nuts, chocolates and cherries on their ice cream cone! These singers are usually what I call ONE TONE singers. Once they learn a few runs, money notes, how to use vibrato and other dynamics it will really sweeten up their performance. For this type of singer confidence building is key. For these singers, as long as there are no serious pitch issues I predict about 2 to 3 months of vocal training that begins where they already are before transitioning to Coaching and then to performance prep. The statement "where they already are" means I won't be starting from scratch as in A-Z... Instead I'll begin with their main issue and work from there so we may save you some time. Most clients who are not experienced singers come at this level.

TYPE #3: Then we have the great and experienced singers but even they have weak areas such as stage fright, lack of confidence, not knowing how to adlib or how to address the audience. Usually these singers have already performed at talent shows, in bands or they are recording artists. Often this type of singer stays in a safe box and is afraid to explore things like expanding their range or belting for fear of what it may sound like when their voice cracks. I'm always saying to them "It's time to step out that box!" These singers have already been told what a great voice they have so when they come to me and I point out all the things that can use a little tweaking it's often a rude awakening...especially for the ones who are really full of themselves. Don't come to me if you are too full of yourself and not open minded enough to TRY new things. I've been known to burst bubbles and give it to you straight NO chaser. Voice training is really about being willing to throw away bad habits so that I can help you replace them with good habits. Out with the OLD and IN with the NEW! Let me upgrade ya! So for this type of experienced singer I would NOT follow the A-Z process. I'd begin where they already are just like in Type #2 described above... but because these singers often have a lot more experience, usually less time is required for the actual training and we jump right into coaching pretty quick. I'd say, depending on their issues, about 1 to 2 months of vocal training is generally required. After that often coaching and performance prep are merged together into crash training because these singers usually have upcoming gigs, recording studio sessions, pageants or singing auditions coming up soon. My issue with this type of singer is they are always in a rush and want a quick fix. There is no quick fix. I mean if they have a show in two weeks I can help them choreograph their performance in a way that temporarily hides their know....hides their pitchyness or their inability to belt the big note in the song that they want to sing but the issue WILL NOT be resolved until they take the time to resolve it. I can't stress that enough. These singers are usually the MOST hard headed ones by far. Most of my clients fall in this category. They need help HIDING their dirt to get them by until they can find time to deal with it through consistent vocal training. Most singers have a down time during the year.... even if it's just two months during the summer or winter. I highly recommend that you go through the training process. It will make coaching and performance prep so much easier for you and you'll have way more confidence doing the things you were afraid to do previously.

So which category do you think you fall in? Please share in the comment box below. I can give you an idea about that during a free ON LINE consultation. That offer is available to four singers per month. Email to to request a free online session.

How To Budget For VocalzMusic's Lessons:

If you can't afford voice lessons you should wait until you can because once you start this process it will become a waste of time and money if you can't finish what you started and taking long breaks after starting a session is never a good idea. You'll need a clear schedule for at least a few months Please remember that it can take several months.

Based on my predictions about how long it may take to reach your singing goals, your budget may look something like this:

TYPE #1 - will cost the most because we are starting from scratch.

TRAINING For Adults will cost 780 to 1040 at the rate of 260 per month.

TRAINING for kids costs the same as adults, regardless of how long

each session is. I say this because younger children or those who have short attention spans may begin with sessions that are 20 to 30 minutes at a time and they'll work their way up to one hour sessions.

TYPE #2 - $520 to $780 at the rate of $260 per month. Price may drop when you transfer to coaching or performance prep after completing training.

TYPE #3 - $260 to $520 at the rate of 260 per month. Price usually drops when you transfer to coaching or performance prep after completing training. Please note that recording artists who are UNDER a recording contract may have a different rate and a different arrangement.

FINAL NOTE: Yes Performance Prep is available WITHOUT vocal training and while this may help SOME of your issues it will not resolve them all. The only way to benefit fully is to complete voice training by selecting the voice training package and to stay committed until it's over. Just like with diets there are truly no short cuts that will help you LONG TERM. When we yo yo diet or try some crash diet plan the weight always comes back right?? So please don't think I can just snap my fingers and correct your pitch or other singing issues in one session. I mean, I have done that actually but I make no promises.

Please don't be afraid to inquire about discounts.

Feel free to leave comments and questions under this blog if you're logged in to Facebook. You can also email me at .

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