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Over 70% Of Music Artists Are Overwhelmed. Here's Why

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

I use blogs as a form of mentoring to my readers that are music and performing artists. I use to just write "how to" blogs about music biz and singing. I still do, but these days my blogs have evolved and are now meant to intrigue what I call the WHOLE ARTIST. In other words, not just topics that can help to improve talent and elevate careers but also, you'll find blogs about what's happening on stage and behind the scenes of an artist. My blogs are meant for real artists and written by a real artist about real life topics that most artists can relate to. In fact all readers can relate to the topics covered here at . Every artists has a personal secret that they prefer to keep separate from the public eye. They want you to focus on their brand and their music and that's fair. But while everybody is keeping secrets, there are others out there that are suffering from anxiety and depression. Musicians and performing artists are amongst the most misunderstood. People on the outside don't always understand how a person that's so popular can feel so lonely or unhappy sometimes. We all have a breaking point and the reason many artists don't reach out is because often we think we're the only one that is experiencing a personal struggle. I'm here to let them they are not alone.

Today's blog is actually an excerpt from a book I'm writing called, "A Blog For Every Voice". The part I'm sharing today is about the pressures that can overwhelm an artist. It's based on my own experiences and the experience of other artists.

The Pressures That Overwhelm Music Artists

Although artists find pleasure, joy and even healing in the creative process of writing, composing, choreographing or performing original material, the pressure of achieving their career goals in the entertainment industry is usually overwhelming for most. For example here are some things that have caused anxiety and depression in music artists:

The need for validation and recognition about your work. These days this is heavily sought after by independent artists all over social media. The LIKES, SHARES and positive feedback give you life but the sleepless nights, anticipation for a quick reply, negative comments, lack of likes or post engagement and the inability to separate yourself from your work can give you stress.

The pressure associated with meeting deadlines for auditions, music submissions, record deals or fulfilling contract expectations, preparing for scheduled performances, collaborations or a once in a lifetime opportunity to write for an already established artist.

Criticism and scrutiny from jealous friends, social media or the press. Some artists are humiliated and bullied and no-matter how tough they claim to be, it hurts badly.

The pressure of achieving your goals by a certain age because the older you get the harder it is to compete with the younger artists.

Independent artists often work several jobs to afford their dream and pay their bills and then they must squeeze in time to create and promote their work. The hustle is extremely stressful.

Living conditions. Artists need the proper space to focus and create. Often they can’t afford their own spot and must stay with roommates or their parents who are not always understanding of your need for privacy and a quiet workspace. Roommates blast music, they can be very disruptive, always bringing their friends by to bug you and to ask if they can get on your studio track. Parents are either concerned you’re spending too much time alone or they want you to get up off your ass and get a “real job”.  

Just about every performing artist has a complicated private life that interferes with their ability to create and promote their musical work. Whether it’s a strained relationship within the family, a love affair gone bad, legal issues, an eviction notice, employment or financial issues or some other family crisis or loss. Some artists are so married to their work that they have no friends and that can be pretty lonely sometimes. Your personal life can affect you emotionally to the point of depression and anxiety and that is exactly why I include real life “behind the music” blogs on my blog site. The stuff going on behind the scenes in my personal life is what caused me to become traumatized to the point of clinical depression and anxiety, which has affected my WHOLE life and has disabled me from following through on certain projects and meeting new connections.. So now that you understand my concept for supporting the WHOLE ARTIST, let's continue reading....

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Typically we don’t realize how screwed up we’ve become because we’re so accustomed to running on autopilot. No time to slow down and besides if we do slow down, even for a nap or to go to a party or even a weekend getaway, we feel like we’re missing out or falling behind schedule. Our health is never a priority. We’ve adapted to the hustle and bustle of an independent artist. We tend to believe we’ve become immune to stress and sleepless nights so we tough it out because we want so badly to make it at any cost. But in reality none of this is healthy and eventually you’ll crumble under the pressure when you least expect it. Unfortunately many artists turn to drugs and drinking to help cope with the stress of it all. In the moment it probably feels like a quick fix just to get you by. Think about all the famous performing artists that have succumb to a drug overdose or who have committed suicide as a result of not being able to cope with their true emotions. Nobody enters the entertainment industry planning or expecting that their desire to be respected as a successful artist will eventually kill them. Nobody wants that so I urge you to steal some time for yourself and trust the healing process. Doing so will restore your focus and set you up for success the right way. If being a successful entertainer is what you are meant to be then God will hold the door open until you return from your professional treatment however long it takes. You’ll be better than ever!

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing this blog. Subscribers to this blog can reply in comments.

Yours in music, Sally b.

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