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My Mom's A Voice Coach.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

"My love of old skool r&b really stems from hearing my Mom sing. Her voice has always been so beautiful to me. Her tone will really move you and you can't deny that. Some of my fav times with her are when we would sing songs together. 💕 I'm listening to a Toni Braxton #tb "Seven Whole Days" and instantly reminds me of my Mom. She used to always explain lyrics to me and have me sing it back to her. She always told me that the only way to really sing with feeling is to truly know what you are singing about. My Mom's music has never been heard by so many and the world is really missing out. She's so passionate about music, her business and her clients. That's what makes her the best singing coach around. She works to see improvement in her clients voice and I kid you not she gets so excited when there's been a significant improvement in her client's vocal ability. That's my songbird. God gave her a gift and she gon wear it out till she can't no more !! 😂 #SallyB🎼 -" - Kamyah Ahn

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