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Don't Hate The Stem Player, Hate The Game. Kanye Is Brilliant!

Let’s talk shop...

The Stem Player by Ye

Firstly, I am neither a hater nor a jealous person. I'm focused on being the best that I can be. That being said, initially I felt a hint of jealousy when I first learned of his latest product, "Stem Player". I am not a Ye fan, meaning I respect and listen to some things, but not hovering over Bro. However, I respect him as an artist and his artistic contributions. Now, why am I Jealous? Because I wish I would have thought of this idea first and had the millions to create it...The $200.00 Stem Player is remarkable!!!

I read the specifics, and I understand his marketing plan...This is a pod with four faders that allows you individual control over four instruments in the song. You can isolate vocals, the bass, the keys, and whatever, and change the tempo and the pitch. You can also download these individual stems in any format, mp3, wave, etc.

The part that my mind has grasped is how many people will download these individual stems and use them in their music...hip hop, rap, dance, etc. I am sure these stems are majorly coded, so when any one of these stems is used on a record...he gets paid again...Brilliant. The new wave... Now back to not being a jealous person.

- Bernadette Cooper


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