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Maybe Singing Or Rapping Isn't Your Thing

My favorite part of being a Voice Coach, who‘s first love is songwriting, is when a client wants to hire me to mentor them about music biz and teach them how to write songs. Often it surprises me, being that I'm a VOICE COACH and all lol...but I've been getting that a lot lately as well as "Will you manage me?"... I teach clients about everything from song structure, to copyright law, to how royalties work, to how and where to submit their music, to the many options of where their song can be placed as well as how their talent can best be used.. Often singers know they want to be in the music/entertainment biz so they assume singing is the only way; but they fail to realize there are many jobs available in that industry that could be just as fitting and rewarding as singing itself. Just because you can carry a tune doesn't necessarily mean that professional singing is a good idea.. or maybe it is. I encourage those who dream to dream bigger and step outside your box and comfort zone to explore the many options available to you. This is great news, by the way! In an upcoming blog I will present a list of jobs you may want to consider. Okay? But for now I'll say this...

Play Your Position. Are You The Wind Beneath Type?

I know a singer that I think would make a great executive film producer. You in music videos, short films, etc? I also know a singer that should drop the whole music thing all together. Just cut it out! lol. Then I know this other singer who isn't making good decisions about the music he's putting out. He's a great lyricist but he's not such a great singer and his branding is all over the place. There isn't an investor that would touch him with a ten foot pole cuz he's just too risky for this business. I suggest that someone with his particular talent consider writing for others. What? There is more money to be made as a writer especially if you're matched with the right talent such as an artist or publisher who can use their own experience, contacts and/or talent to sell your work. I recommend someone like this work with legit producers they can SEE and collaborate with (for copyright ownership purposes) and who can play a chord or two (as opposed to random beat makers from the internet) and be willing to be the WIND BENEATH like me. I'm the WIND BENEATH and I'm totally cool with that. I'm the Voice Coach working behind the scenes and out of the spotlight where I find pleasure in seeing my clients shine! Yes! I have absolutely no desire to live my life like a fish in a fish bowl but some of you are totally cut out for it. Be willing to play your position. Being the star wasn't my position. I thought it was once tho...back when I was in my late teens and early 20s... but God blessed me in ways I was not expecting.

How's Making Beats & Spitting Rhymes On Facebook And Twitter Working Out For Ya? This is business. If you can't sell music with your voice and your public persona then find somebody who can and sit back and collect royalties like a BOSS. If you been at it for several years and have nothing to show for it then it's time to reboot. If making beats in the basement or in the living room or in somebody else's living room ain't paying the bills by now then come up with a different plan. Maybe you're just not good at that or maybe your promotional campaign is wack? Swallow your pride, get over it and lets keep this moving. No this doesn't mean give up. You may actually be good...Be willing to take a risk with new ideas. It's called FAITH. Don't let life just pass you by. Do something GREAT! Create a legacy for yourself. Put your creativity to work in a way that pays bills and brings you pleasure. Get out there and network. Pick up a book and study your craft.

Side note: And this might hurt but...If your music related activities are not paying the bills and affording you the resources, equipment, space and opportunities you'll require to make that paper, then it's just a hobby anyway in the eyes of the IRS. Get a job, any "regular" job, to support your dreams and goals until you start making money to support your hustle aka "Dream Job"...And don't expect JOB to come knocking on your door looking for you either. Get your ass up and get your sh*t together. Struggling artists must build time into their daily schedule to do both (make music and make money) because who is taking care of you while you "do music"? Yo mama? Girl friend? Baby mama? Baby daddy? Pops? Who? Got kids? Who is taking care of them (financially, emotionally and physically) while you "do music"? If you choose the music and entertainment industry as your career path then be ready to hustle and multitask...and dare I add getting the right education and training if at all possible.

Also ask yourself this: Do you have a GIFT or a TALENT? There is a difference, you know. Being aware of the difference may help to point you in the right direction. We can discuss that further when we meet. How bout that? If you can handle the truth then hit me up. Please don't let my bluntness scare you away. I actually want to help you if you are willing to help yourself and invest in yourself. Contact me if you've reached the crossroads or if you're stuck in the mud. We've all been there.

Singing Flat?

I definitely come to life when it comes to mentoring talent especially on the topic of songwriting and the business side of music. I get to give my clients the great news of how writing is the gift that KEEPS ON GIVING. Long after you're gone your family will still get paid!...Books, music, blogs...whateva! Just write it, own it, sell it...but if you're SINGING FLAT? I can always help you with that too! lol. Send this blog to those who need to know this. Get those lazy adult kids off the coach and lets make um work for this. More on all this soon. -sb. #BlogSquad

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