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16 Gifts For Aspiring Young Singers

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Season's Greetings! So my list is not in any order and it doesn't just apply to Christmas gifts. These are all year round ideas actually. Not only do I have child and young adult clients but I also have children of my own who are experienced singers. As a mother I always tried to think outside the box when it came to gifts for my talented kids. Some of these ideas are inspired by items my clients have inquired with me about. Recording software was a popular request this year. I use recording software during sessions and I often encourage singers to consider investing in music recording software for ear training, harmonizing, recording covers and even writing songs. Recording your own voice encourages you to work harder to sound better.

When I was a kid my mom use to say everything I wanted to learn was in a book. I still love books! These says everything is available on the internet as well. Just search the items below on Google or on sites like Amazon. Also be sure and check our HOLIDAY STORE here at After the holidays we'll continue to present great ideas there for you to consider purchasing. So here's my list of gift ideas:

Apparel By Singer, Erikka J.

1. Pitch Pipe or Pitch Pipe App (btw my favorite vocal training app is SwiftScales 2.1)

2. Recording & Songwriting Software And Accessaries To Record Covers (and lessons on using it)

3. Concert Tickets To See His or Her Favorite Singer Perform

4. "How To" Books About Music And Singing (with a new iPhone to download audio books...wink wink)

5. Super Star Photo Shoot. Yes! Make um Feel Like A Star! A Diva! Create A Monster! lol

6. Jewelry, Accessories, Posters Or Clothing With Music Symbols, Messages or Designs.

7. Mic With Mic-Stand And Speakers (so they can practice their performance. Make sure they also have a mirror to practice in front. Get a tech savvy friend or family member to help you hook it all up)

8. Musical Instrument (Keyboard, guitar and dare I say DRUMS lol. Parents will love me for that!)

9. Voice Lessons or Music Lessons...TOOT TOOT! lol (even dance lessons support the love of music)

10. A Gift Basket or Bucket Filled With A Variety Of Treats (Tea cups, tea, honey, water bottle, music journal, music book, CDs/music, and other things from this list.)

11. A Dinner & Karaoke Night (Get um the Smule Sing app too...YES!...Karaoke machines are also nice).

12. A Trip To The Recording Studio To Record A Song

13. A Gift Card To Buy Music

14. Have Business Cards Made For Them To Hand Out. Might be able to get them booked. Organizations are always looking for child singers to sing at fundraising events.

15. Amazon Echo. Makes a great gift even for non singers.

16. Tickets To A Singing Audition Or Musical

Of course in my opinion voice lessons are a GREAT gift for singers lol. Yes pick #9 lol.

If I think of anything else I'll come back and update this list. If you have more suggestions please SHARE them in the comment box below or HERE. Hey kids & youth clients. Contact me for my ideas on how to drop hints to your parents about what you REALLY want. I'm happy to help you out lol...I hope this is helpful to everyone. Yours in music.

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