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Story Time LOL
Coming Soon! True, funny stories and interesting conversations prerecorded as a podcast on Stereo App with snippets published here for your listening pleasure.
Elder Abuse
True stories about elder abuse by way of financial exploitation, emotional and physical neglect coming soon.
The April Fool
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Ugh I miss doing all the things I could do before 2020 happened but I am happy to at least be making my way back to all of you this year. We're still updating the SingingFlat.com website and therefore some of the buttons and links to our popular pages won't work for a week or so but. today some of our latest blog publications are available and I'm excited for you to read them!  Over the upcoming weeks, we'll release our voice lesson schedules & EPK (press kit) options. Please check back each week for updates and don't forget to subscribe to our blogs today. Thanks so much and yours in music! - Sally b. 

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