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 More Client Reviews Of Voice Coach, Sally b.

Ainsley Proctor

Ainsley Proctor, Miss Virginia Beach 2016 & Miss Cardinal 2017 Outstanding Teen, Miss America Organization: "Not only does Sally B work to correct vocals- she teaches her clients how showmanship and confidence are indispensable parts of any performance. Sally B demonstrates a genuine desire to see her clients succeed. She uses performance training strategies that help the student see positive results, often instantaneously. Some are astonishingly simple but have the most effective results. After only a few hours with Sally, my daughter was able to place 1st runner up in a large pageant. Sally is helping my daughter gain confidence, realize her full potential, and achieve her dreams. Because we are 3 hours’ travel time from Sally B, I hesitated at first about hiring her. But after our first no-obligation meeting via Face Time, I knew she was the coach my daughter needed. While most of our lessons with Sally B have been via FaceTime, I cannot say enough about our Saturday trip to see Sally B in person. If Sally B isn’t in your neighborhood, please do not let a little travel time deter you from reaching your goals. I promise you- It will be time well spent!" -Lynn Proctor, Parent ‘2015

Other Pageant Winners Who Have Worked With Sally b...

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Lindsey Marks, Singer, Actress & Pageant Star: “Sally has been extremely helpful in me realizing my full potential as a singer and performer! She has played a pivotal role in developing me into a true singer!” – Lindsey Marks-Miss MD United States 2012 & Participant of Miss America's Local Pageants.

“My daughter Lindsey and I learned about VocalzMusic via an exhausted search for the right vocal coach/teacher/mentor. We would most difinately recommend Sally to anyone needing vocal services. Our first few sesseions set the foundation for our Going Forward Plan for vocal training. Sally takes the time to explain the different aspects of vocal technique, assessing Lindsey’s skill level, etc. The specific feature(s) that I like most are following:

*Sally’s warmth and understanding

*Sally’s professionalism

*Sally’s own experience in the music industry and her longevity. *Sally’s knowledge of vocal tones, range, etc

*And Sally’s family

My experience has been one of vocal growth and I am so happy we found Sally. My daughter’s vocal training has given her the ability to sing “Someone like You” (Adele) and other songs that you have to have range for. Sally helps Lindsey prepare for her local pageant preliminaries. Anyone that needs a vocal coach and sign up you will be extremely happy.” – Linda Marks, Lindsey's Mom

Lindsey Marks

T'Nora Green, Worship Leader: "Sally B is an amazing vocal coach! I wanted to take vocal lessons for a long time, but I can be very shy when it comes to singing. I was worried about not being comfortable enough with the person or the  environment to actually sing my best in order to get real improvement. During our consultation I felt at ease with her and knew this would be a positive relationship. She is very skilled, with an extremely warm and very honest personality. After my first session I knew so much more about my voice and understood not only where I was vocally, but what was needed for improvement. Whether we are meeting online or meeting in person, Sally B has the expertise to spot out what I call my "real" issues versus confidence issues with my vocals. In only a few sessions I have been able to hear the improvement in my voice. With real improvement gained from only a few sessions, just imagine what being coached by Sally B for a few months would yield. I am thankful for the opportunity to have Sally B as my vocal coach. If you are debating whether to give Sally B a try, go for it, you won't regret it! Sally B is the best vocal coach around!" '2016

T'Nora Green
TP, R&B Singer

TP, R&B Recording Artist: "OMG I just do not know where to begin. What can I say about Ms. Sally (THE BEST VOCAL COACH ) a personality of a angel. The energy that she has I remember the first time me meeting her was last Sunday January 31st was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I'm looking forward for her to become my son's vocal coach , that one hour that I spent with her she made my son do things with his vocals that I haven't heard him do in the 11 years that he's been singing so imagine when she start working with him he's going to be the superstar that's he is. But we SAT there and talked for hours. Ms Sally she's only a few years older than me but she gave me that motherly feel I felt that I can sit there and just tell her anything and everything about my life because she is a beautiful person beautiful business lady with a beautiful great vocals and vocals skills is marvelous I feel like I never met anyone like her before. I noticed that she do not play when it comes to vocal lessons she is the type of person that you will love to give you a lesson she's so firm so straightforward and she's about her business I really enjoy what she has to offer for my son. A God fearing woman ! When she talk you want to listen. It was so funny because my husband was with me and she was speaking knowledge to us this is the first time that I ever see my husband put his phone down to listen to someone lol I asked him about it in the car I said to him this is the first time you put your phone down when I was meeting with someone he told me that she was speaking knowledge and he wanted to listen and learn more about the music business I have been in meetings with many many people not once he ever put his phone down to listen to someone because he always playing his games on this phone when I'm in Ms. Sally is a amazing lady, queen, businesswoman, boss lady I want to say thank you and I appreciate you we need more women like her in the world for young ladies to look up to . GOD BLESS YOU (LADY WITH THE VOCAL smile emoticon )" - Zolynita Ellis AKA "MIZZ HOLLYWOOD" (Manager Representing R&b Music Artist, T.P.) ‘2015

Marcelina, An Eleven Year Old Award Winning Dancer, Actress & Singer, Sent This To Voice Coach, Sally b.


 "This is Marci.
I made the audition!

I will be singing "Flashlight."
I'm so exited. I would like to thank you for all your hard work. You made me succeed and smile.

You are the best voice coach ever
Thank you for pushing me to my best ability" - Marci

UPDATE: Sally b. now manages 12 1/2 year old Marcelina. Check her out at

Marcelina Abenes, Child Actor & Performing Artist
Malia, VocalzMusic client

Malia, An Aspiring Pop Singer: As an aspiring singer, I was seeking for professional help to soften any rough edges I had. Within the first few minutes of meeting Sally B., she was completely and utterly honest with me. Never have I ever had someone tell me I was boring! Although that might sound harsh, it was the truth, which motivated me into practicing more. All along, I had been trying to figure out what was hampering me from making my performance interesting. Evidently, she told me I needed to put more emotion into my performance, and even throw in a few moves to "wow" the crowd. In addition, she even took some tests to show me where I stood vocally. I have had several previous singing coaches before Sally B., but with the many months spent with them, none had ever thought to teach me what I had learned with Sally B. She was straight to the point and had a striking personality that you could not miss. Her charisma is what inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone to give my best performances. In the future, I will keep in mind the lessons I have been taught and incorporate them into every one of my shows. As of now, I am more educated about the music industry, what to do on stage, and what techniques I should use; thanks to Ms. Sally B. I cannot wait to see what these lessons contribute to my future." - Malia

"My daughter and I love her. Excellent coach for everyone!" - Maria Carter, Malia's Mom

Troy Parrish, R&B Singer: When I attended the youth after school program with Sally B (long ago), one thing that I enjoyed most was her positive energy- it was there everyday. She carries that same energy over into her voice coaching. It encourages me when I feel defeated by a technique that I'm working on. Belting was really beginning to break my heart... But Sally B has an ability to meet you where you are; not where you present yourself to be, but where you are. She can see past any lack of confidence and work with your true potential. I'm now able to sing comfortably in my upper register, and already I've learned so many techniques that have strengthened me vocally. I think the key lesson I've learned so far, however, is believing in my sound before I even open my mouth to sing. I look forward to future lessons with such a vessel for excellence and enthusiasm as Ms. Sally B!

Troy Parrish VocalzMusic Client
Josh Miller - EPK BG Pic 1_edited.png

Josh Miller, Aspiring Model, Composer, Music Artists & Producer: "My experience with working with Mrs. Sally B. has been wonderful. When I first started I honestly was skeptical that my voice would really convert like she said it would, but after 3 months my range has increased tremendously, my diaphragm has strengthen, and my voice has really toned nice."

Update: Josh graduated HS 2018 and has an EPK posted at our sister site,

Kyleigh, Aspiring Singer & Composer: "Since the moment my daughter Kyleigh and I met Sally we instantly knew she was a perfect match to assist my daughter and further develop her natural talent of signing. My daughter enjoys Sally's method of coaching! I know my daughter will go far with her assistance!" - Shovan Velasco-Rohrbach, Kyleigh's Mom

Kyleigh, VocalzMusic client
Deirdre Kay, VocalzMusic client

Youngest Client, Deirdre, Became Sally b's Client At Age Four And Continued Regular Schedule Until Age Seven: “I would absolutely recommend Sally b. Waller for anyone who is looking for quality voice instruction. I was so fortunate to find her in my local area via the web! First few sessions exceeded my expectations. She made my daughter feel so comfortable and confident! She knows just what to focus on with her students to excel. It’s been an outstanding experience! Sally b. Waller is a phenomenal singing coach for all ages! I have seen such a dramatic difference in my four year old daughter since just a month ago. We began singing lessons because of my daughter’s love of music, and I am so pleased that she is learning the art from one of the best! I cannot wait to see the progress over the next few months! She truly accommodates younger children in her lessons!” - Kelly Curtin, Deirdre's Mom

UPDATE: In September 2018 10 1/2 year old Deirdre is signed up for Artist Develop mentoring and training at our sister site Her professional name is Deirdre Kay. More soon. 

Keira Chante, R&B Artist of  Nokio (Nokio Is Member of Legendary R&B Group, Dru Hill): "Sally B is AMAZING !!! I cant say nothing but good things about her. She's helped me in so many ways to improve my singing , things I didn't even notice before . She is very patient and she make sure by the end of our lessons I understand what she was trying to teach me . I appreciate that after our lessons she gives me exercises to work on to help me keep on improving what needs a little tweaking. She's very FUN to work with , there's is never a dull moment !! Love you Sally B." - Keira Chante

(More Testimonials To Be Added Soon)

Keira Chante, R&B Artist of Nokio of Dru Hill


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Endorsement From Nokio Of Legendary R&B Group, Dru Hill: “What's going on everybody? This your boy Nokio, The Entity AKA Tamir Ruffin from "Dru Hill", "Black Angels Down" and a bunch of records that you love....keep it locked @ Singing Flat with Sally b.  on Blog Talk Radio and get your notes right! If you're looking for a vocal coach then you're search has ended! CLICK THE LINK!!!!” '


- Nokio, of R&B Group, “Dru Hill” (@NokioThentity) ‘2015


Dru Hill, Famous R&B Group
Kurtis Blow
Bunny Debarge
Nokio of Dru Hill
Shanice, R&B Star
Faith Evans
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