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 More Client Reviews Of Voice Coach, Sally b.

Ainsley Proctor

Ainsley Proctor, Miss Virginia Beach 2016 & Miss Cardinal 2017 Outstanding Teen, Miss America Organization: "Not only does Sally B work to correct vocals- she teaches her clients how showmanship and confidence are indispensable parts of any performance. Sally B demonstrates a genuine desire to see her clients succeed. She uses performance training strategies that help the student see positive results, often instantaneously. Some are astonishingly simple but have the most effective results. After only a few hours with Sally, my daughter was able to place 1st runner up in a large pageant. Sally is helping my daughter gain confidence, realize her full potential, and achieve her dreams. Because we are 3 hours’ travel time from Sally B, I hesitated at first about hiring her. But after our first no-obligation meeting via Face Time, I knew she was the coach my daughter needed. While most of our lessons with Sally B have been via FaceTime, I cannot say enough about our Saturday trip to see Sally B in person. If Sally B isn’t in your neighborhood, please do not let a little travel time deter you from reaching your goals. I promise you- It will be time well spent!" -Lynn Proctor, Parent ‘2015

Other Pageant Winners Who Have Worked With Sally b...

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Lindsey Marks, Singer, Actress & Pageant Star: “Sally has been extremely helpful in me realizing my full potential as a singer and performer! She has played a pivotal role in developing me into a true singer!” – Lindsey Marks-Miss MD United States 2012 & Participant of Miss America's Local Pageants.

“My daughter Lindsey and I learned about VocalzMusic via an exhausted search for the right vocal coach/teacher/mentor. We would most difinately recommend Sally to anyone needing vocal services. Our first few sesseions set the foundation for our Going Forward Plan for vocal training. Sally takes the time to explain the different aspects of vocal technique, assessing Lindsey’s skill level, etc. The specific feature(s) that I like most are following:

*Sally’s warmth and understanding

*Sally’s professionalism

*Sally’s own experience in the music industry and her longevity. *Sally’s knowledge of vocal tones, range, etc

*And Sally’s family

My experience has been one of vocal growth and I am so happy we found Sally. My daughter’s vocal training has given her the ability to sing “Someone like You” (Adele) and other songs that you have to have range for. Sally helps Lindsey prepare for her local pageant preliminaries. Anyone that needs a vocal coach and sign up you will be extremely happy.” – Linda Marks, Lindsey's Mom

Lindsey Marks

T'Nora Green, Worship Leader: "Sally B is an amazing vocal coach