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Virtual Voice Coaching  | 2 hr

Virtual Voice Coaching | 2 hr

SKU: 2 Days | One Hr. Each

LEARN THE ART OF SINGING: For $130 you'll receive two to four live vocal training sessions lasting 30 minutes to one hour each. Obviously there are certain sessions that are best offered in person but there are some that can be offered successfully online as long as the client has a great internet connection that's strong enough for video conferencing. You'll need to be in a space with good lighting and absolutely NO DISTRACTIONS. Upon receiving payment, first time online clients are offered one free internet test prior to the paid online sessions if needed. Please note that the average singer requires 8 or more session hours of vocal training and the more experienced singers require at least 4 or more hours for vocal coaching for performance prep. All first sessions are consultations to evaluate talent to determine where to begin. Also let us know which dates and times work best for your sessions and we'll do our best to accommodate schedules. The following are some of the things you may learn with Voice Coach, Sally b.


Pitch Training 

Enunciation Training

Tone Training

Emotional Expression Training


Vocal Transition/Range Development

Performance Coaching


Artist Mentoring.


Yours in music!

  • Terms & Conditions

    Strong internet connection is required for live sessions with Voice Coach, Sally b. Singer must also be internet savvy because you may be asked to click links and/or play videos or audio. These sessions work best from a DESKTOP COMPUTER. By paying you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.   For questions email

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