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EPK Site Update

EPK Site Update

SKU: EPK Update

EPK UPDATE BY SALLY B: One of the most important things you should do is stay consistant with your content. Our Site Update option is available as needed once per week for quick updates taking less than 15 minutes each to complete. This options works best for concert tour or event updates, for adding a new product or service or for a news flash. You'd simply email or text over the content or update request four times per month as needed and it's covered if you have a subscription. If you don't then you can purchase it per update for the same price with advanced notice. Sallyb will contact you if she needs more info or has a question or suggestion. Remove certain outdated info and replace it with the latest whenever you're ready. We'll have you looking like the respected professional you are. Let's give your business a BOOST!   (Please request those updates at least one week in advance if possible to allow time for us to take care of that for you. If it's last minute, we'll still do our best to accomodate you). VocalzMusic retains copies of our website and press kit creations to present as a demonstration of our work | Check out Sally b's blog about WEBSITE DESIGN AND PURPOSE.


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