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EPK Design & Hosting

EPK Design & Hosting

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EPK MEMBERSHIP & HOSTING FOR ARTISTS: For songwriters, producers and performing artists in need of an affordable branding and marketing solution, Sally b. will work with you to develop a standard ONE PAGE press kit if you are accepted as a member of VocalzMusic's VMP Talent. (To see an example of a standard press Kit go to LollyPack.com). We'll design it to match your brand. We'll bring your vision to life. We don't do generic designs. We'll have you looking like the STAR YOU ARE! Your success is our success! Have your EPK designed by Sally b.

VMP Talent members are established and/or developing music artists including producers and songwriters. The criteria we will consider in determining that an artist is a good fit for this opportunity are things like music industry success, music streaming stats, social media stats, music and vocal quality and a few other things. Because VMP Talent is a website for songwriters we'll only be able to accept a limited number of clients that are either signed to our music publishing services, collaborating with us as a songwriter or acting as representative, spokes person or brand ambassador/ influencer of our artists, Sally b or our VocalzMusic services. In exchange we'll offer a discount off of our EPK/Press Kit design and hosting fee, we'll add you to the front page of our website so that you are not the only one promoting your talent and/or services, we'll handle you updates in a timely manner and we'll be open to assist you as needed with whatever you need as an artist or music industry professional. VMP Talent encourages our artists to participate in opportunities to promote and support each other (the other members on the platform).  There are Terms & Conditions that apply for using our service, however we do not offer individual contracts unless an artist chooses to sign with our music publishing or management services which is optional. 

  • Read Terms & Conditions.

    Reading our terms and conditions is a mandatory requirement for VMP artists that are members of VocalzMusic's VMP Talent. Please find them here: Terms & Conditions

    Additionally we also encourage that members participate in pr campaigns as often as possible. Most require simply sharing the social media posts of others. Again this is optional. 

    Membership renual fee of $35 and is charged annually for our hosting service. Contact us for questions or if you'd like a free artist mentoring session about our EPK design and hosting services. 



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