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EPK Design by Sally b.

EPK Design by Sally b.

SKU: EPK Design by Sallyb

STANDARD LENGTH EPK: For talented, career minded singers, writers, producers and performing artists in need of an affordable branding and marketing solution, Sally b. will work with you to develop a professional ONE PAGE standard press kit designed with your brand and your vision in mind (for an example of our standard press kit visit, If you require something more extravagant or with a few additional pages, please contact us and we'll see if we can work something out). We don't do generic and for that reason we recommend that you order your EPK at least 30 days prior to any performance, service or product launch. We'll have you looking like the STAR YOU ARE! Depending on your genre of entertainment, your ONE PAGE EPK may include your music, headshots, your stats, bio/acting resume, acting demo/reel, links to your social media, your upcoming gig dates and the design will be created to match your brand and talent with the colors you suggest. No matter how far along you are in your career, no matter what information or content you are lacking, Sally b. will help you "fake it til you make it" so that you have something professional to present to talent buyers in your industry. Within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase you'll be notified to begin the creation of your EPK and we'll be meeting with the artist online using video conferencing or via phone to begin to discuss the creation of your fabulous EPK. The project will take 5 to 30 days to complete depending mostly on how fast you, the client, gets the requested content to Sally b. Any additional content development and design that falls outside of what we've agreed on, such as for writing or editing your bio or resume, directing your existing domain to your new site or purchasing a new domain, general monthly website updates, assistance with website traffic or for providing voice over, video or music production services, and apps, are all charged separately. Once your EPK is complete and your comfirmation of completion email is received by you, you'll be able to purchase future updates and/or EPK content right from our website using our wix app (optional). Contact us directly if you don't see what you need (Some of our services are provided through 3rd parties and their fees should also be considered) Please request EPK updates (such as events, news, new music, etc) one week in advance if possible. VocalzMusic retains copies of our website creations to present on our websites or EPK as demonstrations of our work. We do require that all content appear professional. We will not present any photographs, music, video footage, design or info provided by the customer that does not correspond with your brand, that does not meet entertainment industry standards or our level of professionalism. In some cases you may be asked to take care of whatever you're lacking first (such as professional pictures) If you have more questions that are not covered here, please email your questions to: | We're looking forward to working with you. By making your purchase you are agreeing to VocalzMusic's terms and conditions and you acknowledge reading this description.


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