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Without You I Cannot Exist

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Blood without veins, lungs without air, cars without wheels, all three things mentioned need each other either to survive or operate. Without you I cannot exist. I am a being without direction. Without you I am lost.

You are so many different things to me. You are my strength, my courage, my hope, my desire.

Without you I cannot exist. God gave me life, you gave me a reason to live. You are the reason

I have inspiration to wake up every day to try and make our lives better. I have come a long way

with a long way to go but with you by my side our each and every day struggles makes it all worth

the pain and suffering that we have gone through. Without you I cannot exist.

I pray to God each and every day, thanking him for giving me you.

Because, without you I cannot exist. ABOUT RODNEY O. WALLER

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