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Why Clubhouse Is Awesome

On Clubhouse we don’t have limited access to our targeted audience. We have FULL access...They aren’t using computer generated calculations or non-organic aka paid promotional boosts designed to help you reach thousands of people with your message...if the price is right 😜. Fame, popularity, hashtags, your number of followers, professional status...none of that determines whether you’ll see or hear from me or anyone else on ClubHouse or not. Other social media apps can make you feel the pressured to spend money on ad campaigns. The only other way to get people to see you is to nag...I mean TAG them on certain posts and even that option is limited because if you tag too much people will get annoyed and block you and if you tag too many, the app may place some restrictions on you or even temporarily suspend your account. To my knowledge that thing they call 𝙖𝙡·𝙜𝙤·𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙢 isn't being used on the Clubhouse platform and if it is they must be really clever about it lol.

As of the date of this publication, on Clubhouse, if I got something to say to more people than I actually have in my professional circle, the Clubhouse app allows me to do that without me being asked to pay for a promotional ad campaign or boost. Ain’t nothing to it but to do it! As a member of Clubhouse, I know the right people see me and I don’t have to be rich or famous to network with the rich and famous. We’re ALL instantly verified by the power invested in US...but you won’t see that little check mark ✅ next to your name tho...unless you put it there yourself (I’m so lame 😂) That lil badge that seems to sum up the content of your character? That badge that makes the powerful feel powerful while those without one are often left feeling less important. Nah...none of that sh*t on ClubHouse. Once you’re in, you are in control of your destiny. All you really gotta do is be active so people see you there. Now I'm still a newbie there but here’s my advice for setting up your profile and having a good networking experience:

Make sure the first few lines of your bio are super interesting because it’s the first thing that pops up when people tap your pic. They’ll need to be intrigued enough to be sold by the first impression you make or otherwise they won’t be inclined to hit the “read more” button...

  1. Have a good headshot pic. I went with a familiar pic that's used across social media otherwise I wouldn't use a filtered up pic. It depends on your brand or personality actually.. Just don't using nothing blurry or a pic with bad lighting or other people in it.

  2. Be sure to link your social media accounts. As of today they have Instagram and Twitter options.

  3. Join some clubs.

  4. Raise your hand! Being a speaker or moderator of a group that you set up or were invited to is the best way to get noticed because the audience and the people on stage (everyone in the room) can see you and choose to follow you on the app AND on social media.

  5. Participate often.

  6. Always have a verbal introduction and a 15 to 20 second elevator pitch ready when you’re asked to speak. If speaking makes you nervous then write a script and practice saying it in advance.

  7. The absolute best tip I can offer you tho is to follow @ClubSallyb!

  8. There are new member orientations each week. You'll learn a lot from participating in them, as I did. Also here's click the Clubhouse pic at the top of this post and you'll be linked to their frequently asked questions.

So my final thoughts about Clubhouse? It’s like they’ve seized an opportunity to recreate the way humans connected prior to the early 2000’s. It’s about that natural human interaction. They went back in time and brought back chat rooms and people are loving it! You’ll be able to find your happy place or create a happy place of your own. No matter your comfort can sit back and listen or you can be a speaker, a group host or moderator or you can even own your own club lol.. I named mine Club Sally b. 😁.

In many ways it reminds me of being at a party....or on a cruise ship...Like imagine me quietly entering a room where they’re playing spades ♠️...I may sit and watch for awhile but then I hear singing down the hall so I quietly leave and join the Karaoke party. First I listen then after I feel comfortable I’m making my way to the stage to sing. While I’m singing, people are checkin me out and by the end of the night I leave with 20 or more new friends than I had before I was invited. But it’s not over til you’re ready for it to be over...I just finished singing when suddenly a new friend drops in and invites me to a party where Ne-Yo and other music executives are scheduled to be hanging out (that happened for real by the way) They’ll be hosting a talk about how to get your music in the right hands...Will they let me in the door? Hell yeah! I’m Sally b! 😂 ...Hey just a reminder to scroll up to the top and SUBSCRIBE to this blog for the latests if you haven't already done so. Thanks in advance!

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