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Rod & Sally Reels

Influencers and co-founders of VocalzMusic & Publishing, Rodney Waller and Sally b. launched their new YouTube channel, "Rod & Sally Reels" over the Christmas 2018 holiday during their stay in Aruba. You'll find more funny videos like this one we've posted here and you'll be able to learn more about the purpose of their reels.

At this time most of their short video reels are related to their experience in Aruba but during January 2019 they'll begin to add and blog about other products, services and even performing artists they've had an opportunity to experience. If you'd like them to blog or use their unique, funny and creative video reels to share their experience with your brand, email your request to

In addition to their YouTube channel, they'll also be blogging about services and products they've used as brand influencers right here on our BlogSquad page. Topics will cover brands associated with travel and entertainment mostly. Come back soon to see what's new.

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