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Let's Play (Who's That Diva)

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Hey! So I bet you're here to see if your guesses are correct, right? Well if you guessed the name of each featured artist that was mimicked in the video I created, "Let's Play", then I'm really impressed! Yes I did say MIMICKED because the voices you heard in that video all came from ONE amazing Diva and not nine. While some of you already figured it out because that ONE Diva is trending on the internet, many of you may have no idea what the hell I'm talking about lol.

That "Diva's" name is Katrina Velarde and she's my newest favorite singer. When I saw her video I was so happy to see a singer demonstrate what I've been coaching about for years. After teaching the basics of singing or if a more advanced singer/music artist is interested in a vocal upgrade, that's when I introduce style development and how to "sing in color" to help expand the number of tones a singer is able to use. It's my absolute favorite area of singing to teach to pop and r&b singers and I often use Diva's such as the ones demonstrated in the video, as examples of the many tones that I introduce to my clients. I'll have one for the guys soon too. Any suggestions for artists I should include? If you'd like to learn how to add more colorful tones to your sound, I'm happy to help. Go to to inquire further. Okay now on to the big REVEAL....

If you've NOT yet seen the video I posted that may have got you here and you wanna play too, then please be sure and see the following video FIRST to see if you can guess who's voice is being mimicked. Here's that 1st video:

I hope you'll SUBSCRIBE to not only receive future updates or Blogs from VocalzMusic at, but also so that you can leave a comment or tell us how many of the nine artists you guessed correctly. The comment box is below and the subscribe form is above. There's also one on our home page. If you're a music artist with career goals, I'd like to also invite you to be added to our artist listing at, the site where artists unite to promote each other. It's our sister site. Okay now Let's Play Who's That Diva! Here are the results:

Now the video states that there are actually ten diva impressions so apparently the one I have may be missing one. To learn more about Katrina Velarde, the creator of this amazing demonstration, click on her name or find her on social media. Tell her Sally b. sent ya!

Well that's all for now. Thanks for being a great sport. Until next time, yours in music,

Sally b.

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