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It's Nice To Be Important, But It's Important To Be Nice

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

For my 37 years of life, I have worked for 21 of them. My job skills and professional experience span tasks and jobs from the most menial of minimum wage jobs to running full scale music productions to aiding a multimillion dollar company earn over $1 million in 2015. What have I learned through all of this? The one skill that I possessed that is the common denominator in helping me to excel at each job: networking and building positive relationships with colleagues, coworkers, and clients. No one gets anywhere by being an asshole all the time; mind you, I can be an asshole and give the biggest douchebag a run for his money. Why bother with that? Your treatment of others can make or break you. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

Being nice is relative, and a basic life skill. It’s not just for career-building. Building good relationships with people, whether personal, professional, or as a consumer, is important and beneficial in the bigger picture. Let’s forget about coworker, employee, and employer relationships. What about the customer/consumer and vendor/service relationship? Being remembered and welcomed by name at your favorite restaurant gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it? Others observing this interaction view you as personable and maybe even someone who may or may not be kind of a big deal. The owner greeted you by name and seated you right away. You aren’t a big deal. You aren’t important, rich, or anything worthy of being seated as a priority because you are Mr. Big. The owner and you have small, cordial conversations in which you were kind, pleasant, and interesting. They enjoy having you as a customer. Therefore, the owner made you a priority to be served. In turn, you are going to tell your friends about that restaurant and how much you love it and how they must visit it. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the restaurant. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

Basic manners and our treatment of others is often overlooked. Social media networking allows people to treat others like shit, for lack of a better word. Fakebook moguls, twitterlebrities, and instaplasticgram allow people to ignore and discredit the importance of a person to person interaction. Your treatment of others can make or break you. It’s vital for your success that you are conscious of how you treat others. Make an effort to treat everyone with kindness and respect until they give you a reason not to do so. Now, what do you do when they don’t give you the respect that you deserve and that you are giving to them? That’s when ya pull out the Diva. We will discuss that next time, loveys. In the meantime, make some friends, smile at a stranger, and tell someone to have a good day. Just be nice, dammit!. You never know when a Dicky Downer or Diva on the edge moment could break your ass.

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