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Innovative ways to promote

This first one isn't really that innovative but sometimes people still need to be reminded to do this so I included it...My clients and affiliates are songwriters, lyricists, composers, vocal arrangers, producers, dancers, publishers, actors, you name it!....Hell some can do it all! A music project collaboration comes in many forms...some not mentioned here. But almost everybody needs somebody to match their greatness and creative abilities. So get out there and meet your match. Be sure you're attending the local public or private artist networking events in your town or on social media LIVES that you hear about on Clubhouse, Facebook, etc. You can't be shy when it comes to networking and building connections. When you attend an event be sure your profile is on point with information about what you do and that includes all your websites, email an/or social media info. Be sure to make note about the people you find there and actually reach out to them during the event or right after. Follow up is lacking amongst some of y'all. I'm just sayin....Don't miss those opportunities!!!


Join the conversation of blogs, forums or social media posts and try to include a link in the comment to whatever you're promoting. The key to being successful with doing that is to NOT look like SPAM. Actually offer something valuable to the conversation before leaving your website or social media contact info. For example ask a question or offer a tip pertaining to the topic that was posted. The comment area of any post is an awesome way to get your message out there. Just make sure the post is recent!


Team up with other artists to afford a pricy promotional ad campaign. For example create ONE single link that leads to the EPK, press kit or social media profiles of 5 artists that have linked up to promote TOGETHER. Let's say it costs $100 for a single google, instagram ad, blog feature, radio ad, music stream or whateva to direct thousand's of people to that link. Each of the 5 artists contributes $20 and this makes it more affordable to all five artists and therefore they all get noticed. All you need is ONE single member of that group to coordinate the process.


This works similar to the way I described the ad campaign except you'd use the money to pay a professional such as a PR agency, for example. They are expensive but if you work together with other artists that contribute to the price it can save everyone involved lots of dough.


Let's say you have a team of 5 artists and their names are A, B, C, D and E. Here's what you do. Each Monday ALL members of the team selflessly promote for Team Member A. Then on Tuesday you promote Team Member B and so on. Get it? Let me explain why this is an amazing idea!

Let's say each member of your team of artists have a total social media following of 20, 000 but together the four artists that are promoting you (Team Member A) on Monday, are exposing you to 80, 000 fans that could potentially become your fans and followers. What if one of the members of your fabulous 5 have major industry connections? See where I'm going with this? Well if you don't shame on you LOL.


And to piggyback even more off what I said before...Be a fan & brand ambassador for your fellow artists in the best way everrrrr and that is via VIDEO posts or LIVE podcast. Imagine how that will appear to the public having other people showing such enthusiasm about your music or talent. The absolute BEST way to grab attention is via video or even a live stream. In the video you should say more by saying less. In other words don't bore the hell out of people. Say something clever! In just 30 seconds you can tell your listeners something exciting about the artist you're helping, you can recommend a follow and you can include their profile, social media or EPK link along with the post. You've been filming everything else and posting it on social media so why not this? I admire artists that post about other artists on their page. It's something you can do for yourself and other artists...unless of course you already have a huge budget to hire people for this, you have tons of fans and connections already and don't need any new ones, your posts go viral without any assistance cuz you already the sh*t, you have a big ego, or unless you're afraid to promote your competition (usually the case), here's a way to get people talking for FREE.


This type of promotion I've mentioned here is free or damn near free and definitely more affordable for the indie artist and all it takes is a little time, effort and leadership from each member. I've not included ALL my ideas. I'll drop more soon but for now I just wanted to open your minds to the idea of working in collaboration with other artists because at the end of the day two heads are really better than one lol. I'll be coordinating promotional ad campaigns for artists soon. Be sure to become a member of to be alerted when I get it started. Let me share one more great idea I posted recently. It's in video form and it's called Free Music Promo . Yours in music! - sb

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