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I Had To Delete You

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

I’m usually a very private person as it pertains to the more profound matters of my life. On social media I definitely share a very limited amount of information about myself. Overtime I've learned that not everyone can be trusted with every piece of shared information because often people will blow things way out of proportion, changing it into something it’s not. Some people have a negative mindset and they wish to project all that negativity on you. Now, I believe that some people mean well but they just don’t have a grasp on how to deal with things without being overdramatic. For example, "Omg she's having surgery on her mouth, I hope she survives..." or "Oh no! She had an ultrasound on her abdomen! What if she has cancer?" It’s almost like they're looking for someone to sit and sob over the situation with. Like they say, misery LOVES company. That's why you have to be careful about the information you share and with whom you share it with. A simple ultra sound could turn into "Oh lawd... she could have cancer! She's gonna die!" Or a mere friendship between a man and woman could be misconstrued as: ”That’s her boo girl, they bout to get married!" Then lets not forget you’ve got people on social media who are fishing for information anyway and as soon as they see something, "OOOH I knew they were messing around!!! I just knew it!!" Okay and so??? Even if that is the case, is it any of your business?? It’s actually NOT.

I had to DELETE someone recently because they were messy with their posts on my page. They had beef with me and I didn’t even know it. If I have a beef with you best believe I don’t have to use social media to get it out! I will come straight to you. Even though that person (whom I was in a private situation with) decided to put me on blast I still pulled them to the inbox and asked them why. If you have an issue with me just tell me. It's all about having restraint and some people need to learn to exercise that! Hell, sometimes I even have to pull my own children to the inbox...uggggh! Anyway..Rant over….

At the end of the day I will only share certain sensitive information with people I can trust. In closing let me offer you this as advice. Be positive with your words and encourage others to do the right thing. Be a person who is going to PRAY instead of PANIC when there is an issue. Be the kind of FRIEND who will HELP put out the fire instead of starting it. Be selective about who you share things with and the company you keep because it makes for the least amount of drama in your life….just sayin… -Diora


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