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How To Sneak In The Back Door Of The Music Industry (PT 1)

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Okay. Here’s the scenario. You’re an independent soulful, urban/pop artist with original music already streaming. You’re definitely talented, with a marketable look and you're also pretty popular and on top of that you write great music that people seem to love (and if you're not any of this, pretend you are so that positive energy gets blessed and comes right back to you), but you can’t seem to catch a break. Although people are leaving positive comments about your music in your social media posts, the right people still don’t see you. You write your own songs, you have a nice and unique sound, a pretty good social media following, you can even dance and you have a likable personality that your followers love to engage with. You CAN'T afford to pay for promotional services tho. The only one promoting you is YOU. You're following the leading industry hit makers and celebrities by the thousands but they're not following you. Quite possibly, you’re a record executive’s dream artist! So what are you doing wrong? Well like I said, the right people don't see you. More than likely the majority of the people supporting you are either already in your circle, a friend of a friend and sometimes even spammers follow you on platforms like Instagram leaving you generic comments to get you to follow them back. You're so focused on taking the front door like everybody else. You really should consider trying the BACK DOOR. Here are some suggestions on ways you can do that...

Start With Twitter. Think Like A Star.

For starters you need more of the right people checking you out. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish the right people may be record label executives, hit-makers, managers of big name artists or well established producers. You should be more concerned with the quality of follows you have rather than the number of followers. Why? Because the celebs you want a follow from are bombarded with new followers hitting them up for favors all day. If they followed all of yall back, they'd risk the chance of links and spammy messages flooding their DM and that's annoying as hell. Ain't nobody got time for that. Remember they have thousand's of fans on their list to manage so that's why they choose who they will follow wisely. Ever notice that the number of people they follow is much smaller than the number of followers they have? Yeah. So if you make the cut you are super special. When considering to follow you, they'll usually be more impressed with who you know and not so much about how many you know. Believe it or not big stars need to network too and by you having a number of Grammy award winning stars and other impressive "A Listers" as followers in your network, this sends them a message that you're well connected too. If you have a talent, a popular blog or a must have product or service, that they may be interested in, that helps too. If you can manage to get at least 3 famous followers you're off to a great start. Whenever I invite a new star to follow me I already know they'll check me out first to see who I'm connected with and to make sure I'm not just some annoying fan. But if my profile looks wack and unofficial, and every other post is a sales pitch, I won't even get THAT far so that brings me to your first task....

First thing you need to do is look official. Never follow the lead of those that are on your amateur level. They are beneath you now dawwwwling lol. Follow the lead of the biggest names. By that I mean check out the profiles of artists that target the same audience you'd like to target with your music and make your profile look like theirs, but with your own personalized twist, of course. If you want to be on that higher level then act like it. Fake it til you make it so you can get that super star respect. Go ahead and make note of your favorite celebrity profiles and then update yours to that higher standard. After you touch up your profile, preview it from a phone and desktop so you can see what others will see. If you need help with that let me know. Really put the time and effort into your profile's appearance. Make sure your professional name and your twitter handle are memorable. No crazy spelled words and names with fifty letters. Make sure the look and feel of your profile represent what you're about professionally cuz that's the very first thing they'll see. Don't be all over the place. Know who you are, what you want and what it is you do best. Make it count! Just whatever you do, don't be annoying!

Next...look at what you've already posted and clean it up. Matter of fact I need to go clean up mine too lol. Get rid of all the tacky, wacky stuff. Again first study what well established artists are posting about and how they interact with their fans. Use their posts as inspiration for your own and strategically create meaningful posts with trendy hashtags relating to your post. Remember, too many spammy ads telling people to click on links to your music gets annoying. Do it sometimes but most of your posts need to be just regular, friendly, intimate conversation starters.

Best thing to do if you're not good at coming up with the right kind of posts, is to retweet. Retweet posts about things that are trending, especially in your genre of entertainment. Be a part of the hottest topics even if it's not directly associated with music. By passing along information that was originally posted by a music icon, you‘re sure to get more engagement. Let me also add that people do look to see if others are commenting or liking your posts so always shoot for those interactions when creating a post.

Do you have a good sense of humor? Is there something you're really knowledgeable about? Share that sh*t! People love learning new things. Post as if everyone is watching because you really never know who is. Just because they're not interacting with you doesn't mean they don't see you. Show off your personality by having an opinion and an outgoing personality so you standout. Eventually you'll grow on them. You know how a new song is released and at first you hate it but they play it so much that you start to like it? Yeah....but don't over do it tho. Behave like an industry leader and not like a follower. Post your comments under a celebrity‘s post as if ya'll are tight like glue. Laugh at their jokes. Give them compliments. They love to retweet the comments of their supportive fans. Thats like free advertising for them. Even if they don't see it, you're still winning because their followers will see it and they'll follow you because they enjoyed you're post. Don't be discouraged. Growing a fan list of quality followers takes time and patience. Work your social media often because these days it's just as important as your music. It's very common that people will fall in love with your personality, style and your overall public persona before even giving your music or talent a chance these days. That's why spending time on this is so important and it will pay off.

So start with all that and apply it to all your social media platforms. Now I don't know which ones you're using but for networking I highly recommend Twitter, Instagram and of course LinkedIn. Oh and one more thing. Don't treat Linkedin like it's Facebook. Just saying. Now get to work!

In a few weeks I'm going to release my secret to gaining celebrity and industry followers so that you can get your music directly to the right people. I’ve shared a lot here today but there’s something I’ve not yet told you. Something huge! With this new secret I plan to spill, you’ll be able to interact with Grammy winning and nominated artists personally via their DM. I'll also show you how to get them to like and comment on your status now that we’ve established why it’s important. I'm not going to name drop today but I have an awesome celebrity following, if I must say so myself. They're so real and down to earth. They've been so supportive. They're so super famous! I'm a big fan of their work and it's still hard to believe that they are among my fans and followers as well. They have zillions of followers compared to my lil 6000 yet when I need to get a message out, they retweet it for me and my reach is instantly extended. Ooooooh it's gonna be my juiciest blog yet! Betta not miss it! I'm bout to hook ya'll up! If you want to be the first one to receive part 2 of this blog, please go to my artist promo website and create your profile at

Join Forces With Other Artists

And speaking of, let me let you in on a little something. I've just decided to start an artist listing there. That's why I invited you to join.

God knows that many artists can't afford advertising to promote their talent. That's why he created me! lol. Here's an example of how it works:

Let's say you and 19 others join and create a profile and an optional EPK package which I feature on the home page of the site. That's a total of 20 artists. Your profile can contain all your professional contact info, photos and even links and videos to your best work.

On your own if you wanted to launch an ad campaign to bring the right audience to your profile, depending on the cost and purpose of the campaign, you might spend $1000. Let's say it's a radio ad. If the price for the ad is $1000 and it's split among the VMP artist members, then you'll pay just $50 and all artists will benefit because site visitors, including industry professionals, will be prompted to visit VMP Talent to check you out.

Additionally members can network with each other and plan promotional events together. Maybe a performance at the park during the summer or something. Idk. Having a name behind you like VocalzMusic & Publishing (VMP) will make you look more official and there are plenty of things we can do with that. VMP is the site where artists unite. I hope to see you there soon. (More on that in a later blog.)

Take Acting Lessons

Add An Additional Talent

The last suggestion of today that may help you sneak through the back door, is by having more than one talent. Yes I know you're great at writing songs, rapping or singing or whatever it is you do, but I recommend that you also try acting. It's way easier to find acting opportunities then it is to break into an over crowded music industry. Especially the pop music genre. If you're locked out of the front door then take the back. Take acting lessons. Did you know my business offers online acting lessons at Yeah. Look into meeting with one of our LA and NY area coaches. It's actually very affordable and acting is not hard to teach online. As an actor you'll have an even wider range of industry professionals who can help you gain the exposure you need on tv, radio voice over ads or even by singing in a stage play/musical. Once you're in the back door you can always work your way to the front and continue your music goals. Artists are doing it more and more these days. Think about rappers and singers who became actors or even actors that became singers. It goes both ways. Act, sing, write a book, whatever.... These are all other ways to bring you exposure. As an example, I'm currently writing two books that are based on my blogs. Of course I'll include links to my website, my blogs and my artist shop where clients book sessions with me. Amazon and other distributers will bring me more of the exposure I need here at this website as well as my other website So for those that join VMP Talent, there's a great chance that my book sales may influence your ability to get exposure too. In fact any member that does something big that directs talent buyers to VMP is great. We're all winners. More exposure equals more business for me and more opportunities for you to live your dream. It may seem like a longer route but most of ya'll reading this are still stuck in the same place you were at 2 years ago. It's worth a try.

Well that's all for now! Feel free to leave your comment on the Facebook app below and stay tuned for part 2 of this blog in a few weeks. #ProudVoiceCoach

Yours in music! - sb

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