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How To Get The Funding To Promote Your Existence In The Music Biz

Updated: May 17, 2019

Featured Talent: @Gold.Rice, Music Artist & Model

This one is for the independent music & performing artists who promote themselves tirelessly on social media because they can't afford the coins to extend their reach beyond their small circle of fans. I have a solution for you if you are indeed as talented as you think you are. Now some of ya'll may think this suggestion I'm about to offer up is beneath you because you're already streaming and getting clicks on your music and people are already loving and sharing your posts....You're feeling kinda famous already I bet. While fans and followers play a significant role in the music game, nine times out of ten, they are not going to get you to the next level where all the industry executives & talent buyers that are prepared to invest in you are waiting. See...they are way, way up in the stars, and you're way down here stuck in a tree branch like a kite some damn where LOL, and unfortunately that's where you'll stay with that bougie ass, know it all attitude. They are looking for the next big star but they don't even know you exist. I'm talking to YOU FOOL! You're the big star but the right people don't know it yet. They can't hear you screaming for help down there because there are other artists screaming much louder than you. If you want them to see you and hear you then stop all the damn screaming. Stop wasting so much of your time and energy on tweets, hashtags, youtube videos, Instagram posts, all those annoying links you keep sliding into folks DM. You don't need a third remix of a track right now that may never, ever see a Billboard chart until you finally decide to humble yourself and try working in collaboration with other career minded artists. So if you really want to be seen and heard by the industry hitmakers, you need to fly your talented ass on up there and be among the stars so that you're in their direct view.

I have an idea on how to get you up there at a much faster rate than you're going right now, but it won't work for those that can't deal with a little friendly competition or those who are too BIG to work in collaboration with other great independent artists. In regards to costs, yes it's a small financial investment but wait... before you go thinking what I think you're thinking, you should know that the investment I'm talking about is around 1/30th of what it would usually cost you to afford any promotional campaign on your own. So let me put that in perspective for you. Let's say for example you want to pay for a prime time radio ad and it costs $1000 to afford the time slot and placement you need. Well let's say you can't afford $1000 right now without robbing Peter to pay Paul. I bet you could afford $33.33 tho, right? Don't even think about saying you can't. You'd probably pay that for a meal at Wendy's for you and your date. I know all about that life lol. But imagine paying just $33 bucks that will send you thousands of new potential fans and legit industry leaders in search of talent. We won't be overcrowding our artist listing either. Do you wonder how I came up with that $33.33? That's under the idea that there are thirty artists contributing to share the costs of the add campaign in that particular scenario. The more artists the less we contribute so be sure and SHARE this with all the great artists you know. Don't send us no untalented artists tho lol. One bad apple will mess it up for all of us. I'm just sayin lol. So anyway, we'll be featuring our Top Talent on the home page each quarter. If you inspire me, I may even blog about you.

I highly recommend that you go to and create an artist profile right NOW. It's harmless, it's fast, it's easy and it's free. Go add your profile and don't forget to include a profile picture, links to your greatest work or your website/EPK, and you can even include videos and more pictures if you want. Those that create an optional EPK with us will always be featured as Top Talent on the opening page. Set it up to impress site visitors that will come flooding in following our ad campaign. Write a short bio about yourself. Once you're done, go back to whatever you were doing but just check your profile about once per week for updates or to participate in our forum. That's it. Our forum enables artists to work together by contributing ideas for the group's next ad campaign. It's a group effort. You'll want to be a part of that conversation. Once we decide on the campaign, my team will put it together, collect contributions from each artist to pay for the promotion and then you just pray that you're profile is impressive enough to stand out because once the people come to see you, it's up to you to stand-out. This is a special project we've just started and none of us have absolutely nothing to lose if it doesn't work. Campaigns begin in late summer 2019. To lock in your spot on our growing list, JOIN NOW to be among the stars. We'll begin working towards our first campaign once we reach twenty really dope artists.

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I'm looking forward to working with you. Yours in music!

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