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Got Talent? Let's Try Getting You Some Affordable Exposure!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Despite all the stuff you hear, if you are a talented performing artist trying to get noticed by a talent buyer, such as a record label or casting agency, one of the most important tools we are neglecting to use is each other. Don't be afraid of your competition. I assure you that there's plenty of great opportunities to go around.

I created VMP Talent in an effort to increase the chances of an artist landing that golden opportunity by helping them appear more professional so that they are taken seriously and by helping them step outside their circle of regular followers to actually reach much higher. There are several ways in which I plan to achieve this but you gotta be willing to step out on faith and give it try:

The first way is by ensuring that all members of VMP Talent have an EPK...that's an electronic resume used by professional performing artists. It stands for Electronic Press Kit and it features demonstrations of your abilities as a performing artist. It's a MUST HAVE. We create them for our members. Click HERE to learn more about what an EPK does for an artist.

Having a recognizable name like VocalzMusic & Publishing to represent you, sharing your latest achievements and reaching out to industry professionals and executives on your behalf, is way more impressive than when you must keep talking about yourself on Facebook and Instagram. Most reputable music agencies won't even accept your unsolicited messages or music unless your manager or "representative" sends it on your behalf. Additionally VMP Talent members and fans will be taught how to support each other so you'll never be the only one posting and sharing about your own achievements.

One of the best benefits of joining VMP Talent, which is NOT an agency, by the way, is that you'll be able to afford advertising. As an example, running a radio ad costs hundreds...even thousands! But at VMP Talent we can run radio, tv and internet ads that direct listeners straight to our talent. How will we afford it? Well we've decided to waive monthly membership fees and have members contribute to ad fees instead. It's a WIN/WIN! When every member contributes, we'll get local and national airtime and promotional services for much less than if you were doing it alone. Imagine just paying $50 for a radio spot that brings folks right to your latest music or acting reel? That's awesome!! Now imagine having to fork up $1500 all by yourself for just one radio ad. Sucks, right? We can reach folks in every major city in the US if we work together. Together we're the answer! This is what you really need. This is where your investment needs to be. Stop wasting money on buying LIKES, LISTENS and FOLLOWS on social media. Let's do this like a professional, established performing artist with dignity.

Another part of our strategy is to shoot for quality and not quantity. We are not interested in having the most talent. We're interested in unveiling the BEST new talent in order to narrow the search for talent buyers. Our top talent will have an EPK. Here are member categories at VMP Talent: EPK Multi Platinum, EPK Platinum and EPK Gold

In closing, the official launch of is in November, just before Thanksgiving. To prepare we are adding new members each month with a goal to have 10 more members by November 1st. Sounds easy, right? But's actually not that easy at all because we are not seeking average talent. My emails are flooded with aspiring artists that are really not that talented. The only thing I can offer them is voice or talent coaching. If you'd like to see if you qualify to become a member please email to To learn more about EPK options, please go to and find info under our very talented member, Josh Miller". - By Voice & Talent Coach, Sally b. Waller

Do you know of a talented dancer, singer, model, writer or actor? Please send them our way. (This blog available in Audio form by mid-September 2017).

For more about Sally b. Waller click HERE

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