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Are You Thankful?

I love that God gives us choices and so many great options but even with all the choices that can work in our favor, people still choose negative over positive, wrong over right, bad over good, the dark side over the bright side, hate over love, empty over full, jail over freedom, dysphoria over happiness, condemnation over acceptance and forgiveness, and I wonder why that is. Just thinking out loud 🤔. Now like Comedian & Talk Show Host, Steve Harvey says, "God ain't finished with me yet" but life has certainly shown me how to make much better choices and how to make do with the cards I've been dealt. I've learned to accept my imperfections and the imperfections of others. I've learned to worry LESS about the things that I can't change and enjoy life MORE because of the things I CAN change. I've learned the power of faith and prayer and as a result I've been blessed abundantly. I'm still working towards becoming a better version of myself but if you knew me years ago you'd know I'm not that same troubled girl anymore. These days I politely decline opportunities to associate with negative, faithless or hostile people. Just think about what I'm telling you today and if those old bad habits don't seem to be working for you I encourage you to consider changing the way you think and upgrading the people you associate with even if that means having just one friend. To upgrade your circle means one of two things: Either you venture out to upgrade from the old negative friends to the new more positive friends (and kick the old friends to the curb lol) OR you attempt to upgrade some of the old negative friends who are willing and open minded enough to commit to a less stressful, drama free lifestyle. Don't force it tho because often people just are not ready to change. They may never be ready. Like a light switch... simply turn OFF the negative and turn ON the positive. I notice the more often I do it the easier it gets. I gotta talk myself through it sometimes tho lol. Practice patience (this advice coming from someone who was born without any patience). Choose to be thankful and more kind to others and not just during Thanksgiving but throughout the year. Just try it for awhile. Let's see where it leads you. Happy Thanksgiving. #PrayerWorks

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