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A Zoom Class For Lead Vocalists periodically offers a Zoom Class for aspiring lead vocalists that still feel uncomfortable in their role in a top 40 R&b or Pop band/group. If you experience any of the following, this is the class for you :

1. You’re cool singing but not moving or dancing.

2. You’re cool singing but not directing the band or being spontaneous. You’d rather stick to the script. No “breakin it down”, no unrehearsed adlibs or moves, no vocal embellishments, no audience engagement, no extended songs, no none of that.

3. You don’t know what to do with yourself when another band member leads.

4. You don’t feel comfortable introducing the band or band members individually.

5. Telling the crowd to “wave ya hands in the air” is corny to you lol

6. You don’t feel comfortable plugging your band, yourself, sponsors or anyone else.

7. You aren’t comfortable expressing emotion in a song or belting out the big money maker notes.

8. You’re afraid to forget the lyrics or to do that thing you rehearsed.

9. You don’t like the sound of your own voice or you know you’re not the best singer in the band or in America. You lack confidence in what you DO contribute to the group.

10. You don’t feel comfortable voicing your opinion or concern to the group about the setlist, choreography, style, business management including yo money!

Overall you’re just not comfortable with the responsibilities of a star vocalist who is often the face/brand or spokesperson of the band. You’re not comfortable in the spotlight yet but you REALLY want to be if only you could learn how to be. That’s where I come in 😉..

Here are instructions for participants that will participate via Zoom:

Each participant will need to download the Zoom app to their desktop computer. If you don't download the app and you instead select to join via a browser, you won't have access to all of Zoom's features. Since you'll do more than just singing, you'll also need both of your hands free because you'll be asked to stand up and perform a cover song at some point during the class. Please be sure you have great lighting and a strong internet connection. Additionally you'll need to have some space to perform. I will need to see you from head to toe during your performance. You'll learn more about that during the introductory class but please try to test everything out prior to class. Here's a video for zoom beginners created by a nice lady I know on youtube:

You're a singer so you'll need what? A microphone of course. For practice purposes please grab a mic and a mic stand. Every singer should have one of their own anyway. If the mic isn't plugged in during your performance that's okay so long as I can hear and see your performance. Think of this as a real live, virtual concert starring YOU.

I think it's worthwhile to also invest in a zoom headset for a clearer sound while singing. The mic stand I asked you to have is for show but there may be a portion of your class where you'll not be required to stand but I will need to hear your lovely speaking and singing voice and so will the other participants. A headset is not mandatory but it's highly recommended.

Interested singers can email me at with any additional questions you may have. In your email please share about your strengths and weaknesses as a lead singer and let me know if any of the things I've listed in this post apply to you. During May of 2021 and until further notice, this class will be offered for free or at at discounted rate during the Beta testing period. Be sure to subscribe to this blog or any blog if you've not yet done so so that you can receive our blog and program updates. Yours in music!


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