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"His Dance With Demons"

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"The April Fool"

"The April Fool" is a part of a true life blog series called "His Dance With Demons". It's about a presumed narcissistic bully that has gotten away with the physical, verbal and emotional abuse against his children and many others for over 20 years. Readers will be guided through his dark, turbulent path of destruction. You’ll learn about the hurt, shame and anguish he's inflicted on his children and others so unapologetically. Feel free to examine and interpret the shocking turn of events for yourself. Let the healing begin!  GET IT NOW!


"The Light" will be introduced later in the series. It was originally written to be the first installment but the author later decided to just include it as part of the upcoming book.  The Light will summarize the actions of the perpetrator and explain how those actions affected others later in life. We hope readers will follow the full series starting with "The April Fool", which introduces the very first signs of narcissistic behavior and infidelity.


"For nothing is concealed that won't be revealed, and nothing hidden that won't be made known and brought to THE LIGHT." Luke 8:17


1. This blog series is for mature audiences. 

2. It's the Collector's Edition

3. It's an Exclusive Offer for readers

to be the first to have a sneak peek at

the beginning of this series.

4. Please be sure to read the disclaimer prior to purchase.

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Thanks for reading. -sb

"The April Fool"