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Bunny DeBarge


Bunny DeBarge

Artist Bio

As the lone female member of the legendary Motown recording group DeBarge with four of her 10 siblings, Bunny DeBarge-Knight came on the R&B and Pop Music scene in the early 80s and rest is history. With perfect melodies and harmonies, the group put together timeless classics such as I Like It, Time Will Reveal, Rhythm of The Night, and Bunny’s signature song A Dream. 


While in DeBarge, Bunny worked hard to establish herself not only as a vocalist but also as a dynamic Songwriter and Producer.


Bunny is currently completing newly reedited editions of her poignant autobiography The Kept Ones: Volumes 1 & 2 (The Fame Years). In it, Bunny details the definitive story of the DeBarge family as told through her eyes—from their spectacular rise to the top of R & B music royalty to their fall from grace and subsequent reemergence.


Bunny is set to release a dynamic new single entitled, Wishing. She is also hard at work putting together a collection of inspirational songs she penned during trying moments in her life. She will soon embark upon a nationwide motivational speaking tour aptly titled “The Walk It Out Tour.” It will be a one woman show with Bunny speaking about (as well as singing) her remarkable testimony. She will use this chance to reach the broken-hearted and share how God brought her out of a period of profound darkness into love, light, and peace.


By "walking it out”  and following God's will for her life, Bunny is now ready for the next chapter of a very storied career. 


Today, Bunny enjoys a simple yet fulfilling life  as a child of God in GA; mother to four amazing children—Damea, Janae, Tonee and Daniel; grandmother to 16 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 


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"I'm so grateful to see another year. Thank God I don't look like what I've been through. I believe with all my heart the best is yet to come!"


Bunny DeBarge announced the launch of her new YouTube page. Fans can subscribe to leave comments and receive notifications about her newest video posts. 

Come back soon to see Bunny's New EPK featuring her music, never before seen videos and photos. All her latest news in one place!

Rodney Waller, VocalzMusic
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"The Kept Ones" Volumes 1&2

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DESCRIPTION: Rich in detail, deeply insightful, and sensitive to the complexity of the DeBarge family's triumphs and tribulations, Bunny details the definitive story of the DeBarge family and the world that made them. As told through her eyes, The Kept Ones:: Volume I, goes far beyond music. Bunny DeBarge perfectly conveys and weaves her soulful history as the lone female in the 80's Motown family super group, DeBarge; from their spectacular rise to the top of   R&B music royalty, their fall from grace, to their reemerging careers. Volume 2 covers The Fame Years. Both books are available now for purchase.

Update: Bunny has a surprise for her readers. New revisions

to her book will be released this year. More soon!